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  1. Thanks again by the way for all of the advice, you guys rock! It certainly helps to communicate rather than have all this bounce around in my head
  2. So since I used loose wire, I'm guessing that somehow it touched. I don't know why the Denon would have gone out on its own... so I'm getting newer thicker wire and i'm putting some nice connectors on them. So the question is, do I spend the 200 I was quoted to repair the Denon? Or do I get a new receiver. Any suggestions there?
  3. Hello everyone! Apologies for the extreme delay, I had my repair guy look at everything and somehow some wires touched which blew all four output (drivers?) on my Denon. Switched to a new but crappier receiver and all seems fine. I don't think anything inside the speakers touched but can you think of anything in the speakers that could have caused that? My guess is somehow something in the receiver or my cables touched something somehow, but I wouldn't mind opening up the speakers to checkfor anything that might be loose. Is that easily done? If so, how? Again, apologies but I appreciate the patience!
  4. Having a speaker and receiver brought to me next weekend. Will update when I test using those!
  5. I do not have another receiver or other speakers. Is there a substitute I could use to do the same tests? Or should I just find a cheap speaker at a thrift to test it?
  6. Hello everyone, I am totally new to the technical aspect of speakers and other audio equipment so bear with me. I have just recently inherited a pair of Heresy II speakers on risers as well as a Denon PMA-737 receiver. I absolutely love the set up and want to keep it for good. So here's the issue: At first everything worked fine and then in one of the speakers the mids/lows started to crackle even at low volumes. It got bad enough that I just unplugged one and used the remaining good speaker. The same thing started to happen to the second one but didn't get that bad until one day there was a quiet pop and all of a sudden the only signal coming out of the good speaker was extremely faint and heavily distorted/crackly. At first I though maybe there was a problem with the signal coming from the receiver, but I plugged my headphones in directly and there was no problem that I could tell; granted I don't know how to do any tests on a receiver. I would prefer to learn how to do this myself but I am also willing to take it to a pro if necessary. So what are some tests I could perform or potential fixes to this? What tools or other materials would I need? Layman's terms are appreciated! I don't even know how to open them up to have a look inside to take pictures for you all so help there would be appreciated as well. I would greatly appreciate any help. Apologies if I overlooked a thread already answering some of this. If no one has the time to discuss in detail, links to helpful resources are an appreciated substitute. Thank you!
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