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  1. Thanks RoboKlipsch & MetropolisLakeOutfitters...seems like I should be bringing the rears closer together. Layout was based on putting the rears 135-150 degrees from listening position...but because of the distance that throws them in the corner. I do like the CDT's for the ceiling but still shopping. There is the same question about direct vs wide dispersion for ceiling speakers as well. I'm glad to hear that the 250S on the side will work well. I'll post some photos as I get everything set up
  2. I've been shopping around for speakers for my currently in-progress basement theater and am really impressed with the current reference premiere line of speakers. I've spent quite some time trying to figure out what size would be appropriate for the size of my room but I don't think there is every a cut and dry answer that works for everyone. Room is rectangular, roughly 320 sq feet. Currently eyeing a 7.2 configuration: 2x RP-280f 1x RP-450C 2x R-115SW 2x RP-250s 2x RP-160M I've heard the 280's are big and the R-115SW's are huge so was a little concerned that it is overkill. I even mocked it up to scale (attached...1" in the picture = 1' IRL) and it looks OK to me. Anyone think I should step it down a little? I'm not on a budget necessarily and am fine with the price point. Second question is concerning the sides/surround speakers. I've wired for 4x ceiling speakers so I can do Atmos (haven't decided if I want it out the gate or just add them later). From what I've read, the preference is usually the direct firing speakers (RP-160M for example), and less love for the wide dispersion speakers (RP-250s for example). I'm planning on doing 2 rows of seats, and while I want to prioritize the MLP (main listening point for beginners like me), I also don't want to pick something that will make the other spots sound terrible by comparison. I thought the 250s would better blend the sound and work for both rows, while the rear speakers will be behind everyone so direct firing works great. Is this logical, or is there a better way to do this? I could just as easily do 4x RP-250s or 4x RP-160M's if one of those is the better solution. Final question is about the position of the rear speakers. I plotted out a cone that represents the recommended angle for speaker placement for all speakers and it puts the rear surrounds roughly in the rear corners of the room. I initially thought this would be perfect, but I've heard that speakers should not be placed in the corners like this. How far away from the corners should they be? Anything else about the layout look alarming that I should think twice about? I appreciate any pointers you guys could give me.
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