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  1. @Scrappydue I am by Poughkeepsie NY about an hour 15 north of NYC. and to give an update I have the Denon hooked up with the two front, center n sub and movies sound AMAZING, with music it is a big jump from my bose soundtouch 30 I've been using but with certain songs I don't get blown away by the sound like I do with movies.
  2. That was one of them I looked at also, I decided to try the Denon first because of Issues I read about people having with Yamaha receivers and my Samsung TV I got. However if I don't like it that may def be the next one I try. out of curiosity what did you think about the sound of the Denon? Is there a big difference with the Yamaha or are they similar? thanks JP
  3. So i ended up going with a Denon AVR-X2300W 7.2 i bought it from a place I can return it to, so I will give it a try. Will be hooking up everything this weekend, hoping it sounds good!
  4. I appreciate the info, the more i am reading it sounds like Yamaha has a lot of pluses (I read one review about Samsung issues, but maybe its been resolved). Guess i am just going to have to pull the trigger on one of these and see how it sounds. There are just so many and they all seem so similar lol my head is spinning. I want to get one that maximizes my speakers, has a nice clean sound, but I do not care about a lot of the extra bells and whistles many of these seem to have (and I am sure I would be paying for lol). I was leaning toward Sony at one point, but now i have read that it doesn't mesh well with these speakers so I guess its Pioneer, Yamaha, or Marantz. It would be so much easier if I just knew which one of those had the best sound, putting out about 100 Watts for around $500 lol. I think im leaning toward a Yamaha RX-A760 but this Onkyo TX-RZ810 sounds interesting for the price.(would love any feedback any one has on either) JP
  5. Update I just ordered the R-25C and the R-15Ms. Only thing I have left to decide on is the receiver.
  6. Thank you so much! I am coming from a all in one Panasonic DVD player system from 2011 so the bar is pretty low lol. do you have a particular receiver you would recommend? I think I'm gonna try and stay away from Yamaha because of issues I've read with Yamaha receivers and Samsung tvs. I'm open though if Yamaha is by far the best, the Sony STRDN1080 I've read some good stuff on, so I was considering but I'm gonna read up on Denon and Marantz now. Again thank you Sooo much. I'm so excited about this. I have friends staying for week of July 2nd and am hoping to unveil then with sports and movies jp
  7. So I finally have my own space where I can set up a real (have always had cheap all in one systems lol) home theater. I bought a Samsung 65" curved 4K TV and I could really and (would so appreciate) any help someone could give me on the theater part. I'm reading and learning but still kind of lost lol. So I'm putting it in my finished basement the space is (from back wall by bar to the TV) 20'x16' so about 320 square feet. Seating is kind of shaped like a Diamond. I purchased a pair of R-26F speakers to start (thought it was a great deal and they had really good reviews). I can return though if there is something that is way better out there. The speakers came with a R-10SW subwoofer (again can return). Do I need a second sub? I'm looking at the RF-250c for my center (but open to other suggestions.) However no clue on the receiver (was looking at a new Sony STRDN1080) but I just don't know what is best. Would like to stay at about $600 or under if possible. Though if I needed to I could go a little higher. if I really needed too I could wait a few more pay checks and go up to 900-1,000 but that would be absolute max. I would prefer to only do that if it was going to be a huge difference. I also am not sure about the rear speakers? Do I just get something cheaper or is it worth putting money into those as well? i will be using this for movies and music however the priority is movies. Love movie night and really want to have that (as close as my budget allows) movie theater sound. I have about $1,000-$1,250 (right now) left to finish this project (if I wait I can go up to $1,500) much higher my wife is going to kill me lol. thank you so much for reading this and for any advice anyone can provide. JP
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