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  1. Yeah I had thought about that kinda setup, using a projector and roll down screen, probably gonna pass on that.
  2. Yup that's it perfectly, here's another pic of everything cleaned up waiting to setup, Trying to find the very best setup that will sound great and look half decent also. Wish I could mount them to a side wall but as u can see that's not a possibility, yeah I'm thinking all about the reflecting surfaces of that left wall also, that's my hang up.
  3. Good info man, thanks! I'll see what some others have to say and make a choice.
  4. Is it gonna be a problem to purchase the RP-250S or 240S for a rear surround on this wall? The left surround speaker will be pretty close to the corner not sure how that's gonna effect the sound. Any advice? Should I not get the RP-250S, and instead a RP-160M or something else for the rear surround? This is a 5.1 system by the way.
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