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  1. i did another little test, on a other suggestion i got , from a other forum. I connect my ipad to the woofer directly, through Jack to Rca cable and played spotify... and the woofer turned on , on AUTO So it gets even more peculiarpeculiar
  2. What would you suggest ? to buy a isolater ? or plug the sub in to another socket? I now have the sub stuck into a extension cord , that is extended in another one. But there for , i never had any issues. I had a JBL woofer and after that a Pioneer...and they worked fine... with out any strange noises . Hope i formulate it good, and make it understandable . English is not my native language . Dutch is lol
  3. I was thinking the same thing....but if i leave it ON at night... The woofer sometimes makes soft rumbeling noises , and that drives my cat crazy at night Edit : Just plugged in the splitter.... turn the volume up on reciever /woofer but stil no sound automatically . After 100 euro extra expenses of bought extra cables... and many hours of trail and error , i give up. It wil only work when turned ON .... i think i have a klipsch woofer , that is damaged or something. I have the woofer only for 3½ months , so it stil is under warranty.. Let see , what my re-seller is gonna do with this matter ....
  4. i have ordered the Y adapter per express , i have it in tomorrow . Thanks in advance and very fast response for this tip..... i hope this does the trick Keep you guys posted... and more suggestion are welcome ofcourse !
  5. if i switch it to ON, everything works perfect... but i don't want to have to turn on the woofer , every single time , when i use it. i just want it to work accordingly , and that it switches on...like it meant to be....
  6. Hi guys , i hope someone,can help me out with the following issue . I have a pioneer receiver Vsx 920 , so nothing special there. I just bought a new Klipsch R-10 SW woofer , and i ran the MCACC to let pioneer fine tune the speakers and new woofer . i have had the adjust knob at the back set to LFE and woofer gain at 40% as seen on picture below. I have set the the "on switch" to "Auto" And let it run..... he detects my speakers , detects the woofer and al well . After running everything and pioneer is ready with the "fine tuning" Then i start to watch tv and i wait..... but the subwoofer wont turn on automatically . then i start up spotify ...no woofer... a movie.....no woofer I have to keep switching the on and off switch to make use of its woofer . I thought maybe its the wrong cable? So i bought a new cable .. Oehlbach Nf subwoofer cable. still nothing , so i bought another cable of Monster subwoofer 400 sw cable. still nothing... I ran the MCACC again... checked the setting...i thought , maybe the volume was to low on the woofer. i noticed it was set to -10 DB ... so i switched it up to 0 DB , but stil no luck. I did a Hard reset on my reciever...and once again let MCACC run its course.... no luck Now im ran out of ideas, what to do....to make it work on auto setting....
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