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  1. So I thought I would update the slow progress on these old Model H Heresy speakers. I have still not done anything to the original crossovers, but I have gone through several sp12b speakers to find one that matches the original (it was the version with large magnet and whizzer cone). All the drivers except one woofer were original in the cabinets with original Klipsch stickers on them. (One woofer was a replacement Cletron Cathedral model c12 rw from the same year as the speakers were made.) The original mid horns are university sa-hf, and the original tweeters t35 (not b). I also have some Heresys from the 70s here, and all the drivers are different, and the crossovers are also different. One thing I'm curious about is how the sound would change on this older model if the 4 ohm cap was changed to 2 ohm as it is with the newer one? They do sound good with the old caps, but different. There is more detail in the highs and upper mids, but less bass, with maybe with more detail there too.
  2. Thank you for the quick responses. It sounds like there really weren't many pairs made like these, probably many fewer survivors, so it is good to know that I better take care of them. I think I happen to have some of those EV woofers in a pair of (not so pretty) EV cabinets, so maybe I'll swap them and see what happens. The corrosion on the nuts holding all the speakers looks identical, so the previous owner (or shop that sold them) must have swapped drivers about the same time they were purchased. I bought them from the son-in-law of the original owner. They are in better condition than most 10 year old speakers I've owned. I contacted Crite about the capacitors too, there did seem to be a slight amount of oil around the post of at least one cap. I am not tossing anything, or doing anything to them that can't be easily brought back to the original (as I received it).
  3. II have recently acquired a pair of consecutively numbered (164 & 165) Klipsch Model H speakers. I have found some information on them, but had more questions. It seems there were 18 of the 8" versions of these, but how many where made of the 12" in this style? Is there more information about various drivers in these? Based on looking at the screws before opening, they don't seem to have been opened before I took the back off of one, but the 12" driver is a Cletron Cathedral. The nuts holding the speakers all have the same amount of white corrosion too. Did this brand of woofer show up in other early Klipsch speakers? Lastly, I will need to change the capacitors. One has a 2uf with two taps and wires going to each of those. The other is 4uf with one tap where two wire attach, and another wire going to the metal can of the capacitor. I'm curious how to wire modern caps in place of these, I have an idea, but would like to hear other thoughts to be sure. Mostly I wanted to share photos since there aren't many of this model that I can find, and I didn't see any photos of the inside. These are extremely clean all around, excellent condition of wood and cloth.
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