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  1. UPDATE: Just sat on hold waiting to speak to someone at Klipsch and they hung up. UDPATE #2: Got through to a rep and they said there should be a manual software update out within a month that addresses this issue. Unfortunately it will probably be past my window for returning the device. I have a tough decision to make...
  2. Just purchased an RSB-11 and I gotta say I'm pretty underwhelmed. A few minor complaints like no display for volume level etc. but one MAJOR issue has caused me to hate this soundbar... IT DOESN'T REMEMBER THE SETTINGS when I power cycle the soundbar. Every single time I turn on my TV I have to adjust the sub level, sound level, and listening mode (Surround, Dialog, Night). Why on god's earth does it not remember the last setting you were at?? This is supposed to be a higher end unit than my 8 yr old, $200 LG soundbar. I can't even say the sound is much better.
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