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  1. Do I need a diffusing panel or absorbing panel? I've found this site, but am unfamiliar with which of these 3 acoustic panel core options are best for my acoustic problem, which is a bad echoing due to the sound reflexion and cathedral ceilings: https://www.acoustimac.com/acousticart/143201758/ Their 3 core options are: Roxul Rockboard Core EcoCore OwensCorning 703
  2. Did I find the right disc? This is for blu-ray, but I have a 4K TV, so is it going to work? https://www.amazon.com/Spears-Munsil-Benchmark-Calibration-Disc/dp/B00CKWI13O/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1506994474&sr=8-1-fkmr0&keywords=calibration+disc+for+tv++spears+and+munsil Can you be more specific on DIY acoustic treatment? Are there any posts with step-by-step instructions DIY acoustic treatments?
  3. Thanks for the great ideas on how to best rotate and re-mount my RP-250S Surround Speaker, and here is what I finally did. I bought the $12 shelf, and $6 bracket from Home Depot. It took about 2 hours, due to rerunning the speaker wire lower (insulated wall) in the wall, patching holes, repainting. etc. Thanks for the suggestions about speaker height, and positioning. It sounds simply amazing! NOTE: Both surround speakers are at the same height 6' 5", and both are directly across from each. The original photo seems to indicate they're not but in actuality there are directly across from each other, but I did have to lower the one 6" to equal the right one. Is there anyone here who is very familiar with the optimization of improving my Klipsch audio, Pioneer Elite, Panasonic Blu-ray, and LG TV? I believe I may already have most of it figured out, but there are a few lingering questions. The most important factor is reducing the serious echo problem I have due to cathedral ceiling (see photos). I already have a 3000 gram Flokati rug on the way, which is often used in commercial studio rooms. I'm also thinking though that the wall with the surround speaker (right one) will need decorative acoustic wall panels. http://www.flokatirug.net I have the following audio/video system; Pioneer Elite Receiver VSX-LX302 Panasonic Blu-Ray Player DMP-UB900 Klipsch RP-280 Surround System ((2) RP-280F, (1) RP-450C, (2) RP-250S, (1) R-115SW) LG OLED65G6P TV All equipment is connected with HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2 cables, and ARC connected from TV to receiver. OLED65G6P
  4. Both of the companies that came to my home recommended Klipsch, and mounting only the surround speakers higher up. I don't have to have them that high, but need to decide on the correct height soon. Here is another issue, if I move the speaker height lower, I don't have any more length in one cord. I do have 4' of the original cord left, so if I splice in the extra cord will it affect the sound quality?
  5. The lowering of the speaker's is a great idea, but the one speaker that needs wall mounted adjusting won't allow for a stand. I believe now you can see that I don't have room room for a stand because this is a walk way between rooms. I do like your idea of making a stand for the speaker. Can I confirm though that you're stating surround speakers should only be about 6' (5', 4') feet above the floor?
  6. I have Klipsch RP-250S Surround Speakers, and I'm unable to find any type of wall bracket. I've looked for hours on the Internet, and I'can't find any wall mounting bracket (needle in the haystack) that will fit my speaker without having to drill holes in it! If you look at the photo you will see the speaker on the right needs to be rotated to the right at least 45 degrees, due to speaker being flush wall mounted. The speaker needs to twist to the left about 8 inches in other words, and match the positioning of the speaker closest in the photo. I've even contacted Klipsch support, and that wasn't any help. I'm unwilling to drill holes into my new surround sound speakers. Even the wall brackets that squeeze together aren't wide enough to fit the speaker. They only widen 11" and this speaker is 12" wide.
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