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  1. I also run 2 way Klipschorn's using TAD TD-2002 from 450-24,000hz
  2. If you need tone controls you have speakers that are not accurate
  3. Tone controls are the MOST abused item in the hifi world !
  4. I am not the first, maybe the first you have heard of, it is not the room, i have many other speakers none others do this. It is the speaker, the tweeter was about 5db louder and I have fixed it.
  5. they did good with the forte 3, not perfect
  6. when the tweeter is outputing over 5db more than the mid, that is bright !
  7. The mid in the forte 3 was originally designed to play to 20khz (it was the tweeter in some of klipsch's cinema speakers) , none of the other heritage will ....
  8. disabling tweeter in crossover, modifying mid crossover bypassing the low pass portion and repurposing a 1uf cap to reshape the high freq response some. about 5 inches of wire and a little soldering is all that is needed, took me about 20 minutes to do the 1st one
  9. also I had to get nosey and find that class D thread you are in and I purchased a ti eval board to play with , lol I have way more amps than I need around here, tube, a/b, D at least a couple dozen
  10. If its fully functional as new, then no warranty needed, since I will not blow drivers like a 15 year old :-)
  11. it is a different driver than the RF7 II, likely same supplier though..... I can measure distortion using REW
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