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  1. I ended up pulling the trigger on these. I probably wouldn't be adding the back channels for a long time if I hadn't got these and they were such a great deal. Thanks for your advice and help everyone!
  2. Do you notice any timbre problems using the RP speakers in front and the R15m speakers as surrounds, or do they match well enough in your opinion?
  3. Thank you! I'm thinking it might be better to wait until I'm ready to purchase/mount the RP-240S or the RP-140SA and use them as surround speakers.
  4. Thanks guys. I think I'd need to find a way to put these on the side in order to be happy with them. That's one of the reason I've held back on the side surround channels--our living room will need to be reconfigured (again) to make it work. Man, I hadn't even heard about timbre matching--I'm reading about it now. I was wanting to jump on the R-15M's because of the price but maybe I should just hold out for a better match and that will give me time to figure out our room setup. You guys are raining on my parade!
  5. In that case I may still get these but find a way to use them as rear speakers. They’ll have to be placed a little higher but it might work. Thanks!
  6. Probably more side than rear just because I’m limited to where I can put them (they’ll be sitting on shelves instead of being mounted).
  7. Hi everybody! I’m trying to determine if the R-15m bookshelf speakers (that are 50% off right now!) would be suitable rear channels for my home theater setup. My primary concern is that my receiver may not be powerful enough to drive them along with the other speakers, and that I would potentially damage my speakers. The receiver is an Onkyo TX-NR555. The specs are here: https://www.onkyousa.com/Products/model.php?m=TX-NR555&class=Receiver but I’m having trouble interpreting them when comparing them with Klipsch specs. This receiver is currently powering the RP-150m bookshelf speakers as the front left/right channels and the RP-250c center channel. I’d like to add the R-15m as the 2 back channels for a true 5.1 experience but I’m not sure if I’d be exceeding recommended wattage for this receiver. Help! I asked for advice last month about how to set up my subwoofer and the advice proved to be super helpful. Thanks in advance to any advice you can give!
  8. I tried the speakers at 60Hz and the other settings you suggested. I think this is the sweet spot I was looking for and sounds significantly better. Thanks!
  9. Thanks for your help! When you say all the speakers, do you mean that I should set the Sub's LFE crossover to 60hz as well? Or perhaps something lower? Thanks again! I'm trying different things now...
  10. So from what I can tell, the 160M speakers have a range of 43-24000Hz, the 250C has a range of 60-25000Hz, and the Sub has a range of 27-125Hz. So should I set up the low pass crossover on the receiver to 43Hz, and set the sub's physical crossover knob to 43Hz? Thanks again!
  11. Hey Klipsch community! In the past couple years I've been bitten by the audiophile bug and I've been driven to find new and better ways to enjoy movies and especially music. First I got the two RP-160m bookshelf speakers, then the RP-250C center channel, and this week I finally got my sub, the RP-110SW. I've been happy with the bookshelf and center channels, but I'm pretty sure I have no idea what I'm doing on setting up the appropriate crossover--for the 160's and especially the sub. I'm wondering what the best crossover setting for the receiver would be, and also on the sub itself. I've read a bit and trying out different things, but thought I'd ask in case someone has a similar setup or could show me the way. I'm not sure if it matters, but I'm using an Onkyo TX-NR555 receiver. Thanks for any assistance you can offer!
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