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  1. @Maximus89 I used Minwax wood finish penetrating stain, a coat of Weathered Oak 270 followed by a coat of Classic Gray 271. Given a second chance I would experiment by mixing the two stains together in different proportions rather than using two separate applications. It is finished with Polycrylic clear satin. The fabric is Wichelt 18 Count Lambswool Linen Fabric and is a dead ringer by my eye. Thanks
  2. George, They sound great! Everything in the system, other than the turntable, is new so pinpointing differences can be difficult. I have never owned horn loaded speakers before. I've noticed the speakers are very sensitive to positioning and thus listener position, they are very directional. The imaging is much better than other speakers I have used, almost eerily so. Whether at low or high volume they sound cohesive, the relative volume between the three drivers doesn't seem to change that much as volume increases with the exception that the bass seems to become slightly more prominent. They are being driven by a solid state McIntosh @ 150W, probably way more than needed for such efficient speakers. I find I naturally set my pre-amp to between 20 and 30 percent volume when listening to most music on this setup. The source is usually Roon via a Sonore Signature Rendu SE. I've listened to all types of music on these and am impressed with the detail from the speakers. I will resist saying "life like" but instead say that the high level of detail I hear sounds natural rather than artificial, digital or clinical.
  3. Forte III in distressed oak with custom cabinet made to compliment..
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