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    Oppo UDP-203 ,Panasonic TC-P65VT50, Intel NUC Windows 10 64 Bit

    Family room 5.1
    Adcom GFA 7607, Integra DHC 80.3, Klipsch Chorus II oiled walnut, Klipsch RC35, Klipsch Fort'e II oiled walnut, Definitive Technology Pro Sub 60 X 2 (Little mighty Subs),
    Oppo BDP-103, Sony XBR-65X850C, Intel NUC Windows 10 64 Bit,
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    31TB's Windows 7 64 Bit

    RS-3 II X4
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  1. My Forte's really wake up using one of my vintage Sansui's George
  2. oldred

    Question about dormant MM phono cartridges....

    Wow.....I actually prefer my old cartridges to my new......I run a Signet 7 and a Signet 5. I prefer either of them to my Ortofon. I buy my replacement styli from here. https://www.musonic.co.uk George
  3. oldred

    Please advise whether i should buy these?

    I sold a couple sets of reference speakers.....rf 3 and rf 35 series Pretty sure you will like them.....price.....the guy is not giving them away.....but it's a good 5.1system for $ 650.00 George
  4. oldred

    Please advise whether i should buy these?

    One word YES....... Two words HELL YES...... All kidding aside They look to be in good physical shape. Price is fair....to.....good George
  5. oldred

    Sold: OPPO UDP203

    +1 to that George
  6. oldred

    Analysis Interconnects

    Shu..... Great find......Reasonable price.....I also use BJCs.....Going to check these out George
  7. oldred

    Purchasing Chorus ii or Cornwall ii???

    +1 to that. George
  8. oldred

    Purchasing Chorus ii or Cornwall ii???

    I figured the CW III's would be too much.......You think the same way I do .....I wanted to upgrade my Forte's to Forte III's but didn't want to spend the 3 grand. What everybody here is saying is any one of your choices will out perform the JBL's......I am not ripping the JBL's....great speaker is a smaller room ....sitting close to them. If the price is right ......you will always be able to resell and make most of your money back....if not all it. George
  9. oldred

    Purchasing Chorus ii or Cornwall ii???

    I own a few pairs of Chorus II's...... I would have to agree with Westcoastdrums...... due to your room size...Don't get me wrong I love my Chorus II's .....but I can't imagine how they would be in a room that size.....To be honest I would have to say Cornwall II's to get the most out of your room...the Sansui 919 should be a nice source with either......The best would be a set of Cornwall III's...because of the changes made to them .....I heard they are a lot like a set of Chorus II's on steroids. George
  10. oldred

    Mint Musical Fidelity M2si Integrated!-SOLD!

    PM sent....Just price inquiry George
  11. oldred

    FLAC playback / Media Server?

    Yes....I have a very old Windows pc in my basement (see my profile)......All music/ movies are stored on my windows 7 server Then I run Intel NUCs at both my systems...........You can probably just run server and use Cat5/ Cat6 to your receiver. Possibly off of a network switch.......If you are thinking of doing this wirelessly.....can be done but audio dropout's are common.... There might be better ways to do this.....but this is what works for me George
  12. oldred

    FLAC playback / Media Server?

    I found that Windows 10 really sucks.....for networking....often times network pc's are missing from the network list....been trying different fixed ....work arounds.......best thing that worked was ....run server with Windows 7 ....all other pc's can be Windows 10...if they don't see each other.....it doesn't matter .....they always see the Windows 7 server....I never have any media pc go into hibernate....it causes all sorts of strange things...... FLAC files.....JRiver....been using it for a while.....like it for audio. I use Kodi for video George
  13. oldred

    JLH 10 watt, class A amps

    It seems like an interesting project...... keep us up to date of progress...I like things that make sound and are cheap. Are those the ones on Ebay for $14 bucks each? George
  14. oldred


    Happy New Year to all.... George
  15. oldred

    Best Integrated Amp Under $2000

    No....I am visiting Mom.....Heading back up north on the 6th George