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  1. +1 to this. I believe in changing things out every once in a while.....Not buying something different.....but taking things off the not in use shelf (area) and swapping them out... whether speakers.....amp /preamp...CD player.....The only thing I don't change out is my turntable... Just my thoughts, George
  2. +1 to what Willland said..... George
  3. Looks to me this guy is a collector....like the rest of us. https://chicago.craigslist.org/nwc/ele/d/crystal-lake-klipsch-quartet-speakers/7327471121.html George
  4. Yes...WXRT Chicago....Remember it well. George
  5. I think I understand....But I have to say I think you are going to be disappointed with the Sunfire....I have one (TGA 7201) sitting on a shelf with my not in use gear. I was not impressed with the difference between the current / voltage. While it was a decent home theater amp. As a 2 channel amp for music it just seemed lifeless. I also had a problem with calibration on my SR 8015. I kind of went through it again using the Audioholics guys methods with a few changes. I also added a separate amp for the front channels. I feel that I am getting closer to perfection. I plan on looking to add the Decware to my 2 channel system in different room...again after I hear one. Like I said I think I understand where you are coming from. George,
  6. JohnW, What kind of sound are you looking for? The reason I'm replying is because I too am looking at Decware lately. Been looking at reviews...and YouTube videos You seem to be looking for some distinctive type of sound. Everything has a different type of sound. My Mac system sounds different to my Marantz ....Which sounded different then my Yamaha MX I haven't heard the Decware yet....but I will before I place an order. I have always been a solid state guy...Then a buddy bought a Prima Luna....It blew me away as to the detail at low volume levels.. Like I asked earlier....What are you looking for? George
  7. Simply speakers does a good job....had a couple of pairs of Forte II pairs done by them.....They stopped doing repairs for a while...but is seem like they are back at it... Can't got wrong sending them out to them.... George,
  8. I have had a few sets of Quartets.....I kind of use do rebuilds as a way to relax before I retired 3 years ago....Yea you can do the caps and tweeter diaphragms.... I 'd usually not do the midrange ones unless they were bad....Never had to brace the cabinets .The only complaint I have ever heard about them is they either need to be raised or angled up because of their size. Enjoy them, George
  9. Got a new AVR form our friends at Paducah Home theater....SR 8015 Watched this the other day. George,
  10. I have a spare set of Forte grills for sale. One has a snag in the cloth. $50.00 plus shipping. Thanks George
  11. I have been noticing those lately.....Good Price. Problem is I got a house FULL of speakers not in use including a pair of KG 2.5s Years ago ...would have jumped on it. George
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