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  1. You are correct.....A21 is running 25% off list.....which is a good bargain.....good call George
  2. Why not just go with the Benchmark amp...I realize it's only 100x2....but it's clean. The combination of the 2 is some thing to be reckoned with. George
  3. oldred

    Matching speakers to amp

    Been running Chorus IIs/Forte IIs/Quartets/Acadamy with A Sunfire TGA 7201 in my theater for about 3 years. George
  4. oldred

    Wanting to leave Goldenear for Forte III

    Never thought of it that way.....good point.....
  5. oldred

    Wanting to leave Goldenear for Forte III

    +1 to what YK says.....They are totally different. My best friend runs a PrimaLuna .....we went and auditioned the Triton 1's....they sounded great....just they had a very narrow sweet spot because they are so tall they sounded better if you were standing.....Just want to end saying......move what you got around a bit . George
  6. oldred

    Chorus II Advice Needed

    MrWongburger, Be patient......they will come up.....$700.00 to $1500.00 is usually the range. Try moving the Forte's around for now......you never know they may surprise you. The key is to buy the right pair and make them your own. George
  7. oldred

    Budget Amp Suggestion for Heresy I

    + 1 to what he says....I definitely like the vintage idea. George
  8. So......did this happen? George
  9. oldred

    Chorus ii for sale

    +1 to this.....an offer is an offer. They are SWEET George
  10. I was just thinking.....Maybe if we pay no attention to him...he will leave George (Expert)
  11. oldred

    Strong Rhetoric on China

    Not even close......Their economy is not even 1/3 the value of ours. I have worked with the Chinese for years.....They think the USA is a joke....basically because we gave them all of our jobs....Treat China with respect....Yes......but don't give them anything...They Don't own us. George
  12. oldred

    Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame 2019 nominees

    +1 to that. George
  13. oldred

    What I Got Today!

    Now that's nice...... George
  14. oldred

    Your Top 3 Receivers and Why?

    Top 3 Pioneer Elite....Why...Ice amps stay power consistent all channels driver Anthem..........Why ...ARC Integra......Because I prefer it to Denon/Marantz George
  15. oldred

    Your Top 3 Receivers and Why?

    I'd have to say +1 to the Pioneer Elite...... It would be at the top of my list. A buddy has one ....pretty sure it's one with the new ice amps.... Like it a lot George