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  1. Very nice. So the dialog lift option is not for phantom center but when the center channel speaker has to be placed a bit lower than what would be ideal. What that does is ever so slightly leak some center channel audio to the front L/R channels just enough that it has the effect of making the center channel appear to come from the screen or at the very least a good amount higher than it is currently. Works very well and most good processors have a function for this. Most use the leakage method others use DSP tricks with delay and EQ. The Phantom of course as the name implies is for sending the center channel equally to the front L/R in phase -3dB. And center channel audio will appear to come from right in between the 2 fronts just like any stereo music recording for sounds that are placed dead central like vocals. Biggest problem with phantom is if you move just a bit out of the sweetspot the effect is completely lost. Based on your pic, and the sofa listening area, if you toe'd in your mains just a hair right now you'd likely get excellent phantom center performance. That said, you may appreciate a discrete center especially with films that have a lot of hard pans and off axis audio. But as others have said a good sonic match is key. A center that is a poor match tone wise to the mains is a killer and will stick out like a sore thumb. Done well, a discrete center will add a sense of realism conveying the space in the recording nicely across the screen channels. Even in systems where phantom could work I have personally always preferred a discrete center no matter what. The center channel is the most important channel in cinema. Your setup is unique in that a phantom center could work really really well. Far better than most. If you go for it, you'll want something that is a perfect match for the Forte 1s or as close as possible that a bit of light EQ would get the ideal tonal match. You could get something like a KG or Academy center, place it on top of the console and have the TV sit on top of it. A good amount of people put their TV on top of their RC-64s too but those are larger. You'd get to keep your clean and simple media console too that way. A Heresy II or similar may be best match wise but that'd have to be vertical and you'll need a new console or custom that allows it to sit that way, a bit of a tilt upwards would be perfect if a little lower than ideal effectively canceling out the need for any lifting DSP. Either way I wouldn't prioritize a console over the system unless there are other considerations, i.e. lifestyle, WAF etc. FWIW there are very few if any media consoles I am familiar with that have a middle vertical gap for a Hersey to stand in between, most are just horizontal shelving or large furniture piece that have a space for a "traditional" bespoke made for HT center channel like the mainstream Klipsch line has now. Something like traditional audio racks to the left/right would work but the top shelf would have to connect like a bridge for the TV. I couldn't find anything like that. I looked for something like this all over years ago when I was shopping a center for my KHorns. Wanted a LaScala or Cornwall but there was nothing like that unless custom, not even Heresy sized vertically. Eventually got the matching Heresy and it sits on the floor right in front with the angled base it works perfectly in my room. But would be a non-starter for a smaller room where the seating area is far closer to the screen and console like the OP's.
  2. I agree. That guy that did the KHorn AK6 "review" for them was a joke. Yeah let's put the biggest elitist measurements snob who has a bias against horns, perpetuates the same tired stereotypes about them and only listens to audiophile BS to review Klipsch's latest iteration of their timeless classic. Seems legit 🙄
  3. Apples and oranges. The JBL is obviously a more technically sound loudspeaker but it has to be for the price and because it's a studio monitor. Literally a reference. Ideal for mid-sized control rooms or even HiFi if someone wants that dead on neutral sound. They sound great on pristine recordings like this but are not as forgiving with "normal" non audiophile stuff. Poorly recorded music (which let's be honest most stuff we like are) will sound terrible on them it will just make you want to listen to audiophile easy listening stuff all the time to admire the sound quality instead of music you actually enjoy and have an emotional connection to. The Cornwalls as their name implies actually sound better closer to the wall, the drivers and the whole sound just becomes more coherent as 1 unit closer to the wall and the low end disperses through the walls and the room better. They are more like a live event type sound, not neutral by any stretch but will do virtually anything well including HT. That is a terrible amp pairing for Cornwalls. Something like a MC152 or MA5300 would have been far better from McIntosh but I definitely prefer solid state with them for a weightier sound with more low end grip and less bloaty sluggish bass. Anything Class A or AB, Pass, Accuphase, Bryston etc. that's what you want for that energic, clean and clear sound. The new Mac stuff sounds soooo much better it's amazing. Mac's used to sound very warm and mushy just smothering detail. Their newer stuff, really anything made in the last 10-11 sounds completely different. I used the MA5200 for awhile in 2ch and it sounded amazing. Detailed, clean and energetic. I tried some of their older stuff from the 70s, 90s and early 2000s and it was terrible. Mushy, laidback and rolled off. But some people love that mushy warm sound. I just think their new stuff sounds 100x better, it's night and day in my experience. So their sound signature has changed quite a bit -- for the better. If you want that sound tube amps are 100% the way to go with a high quality SS pre.
  4. Thanks looks fantastic! Congrats. Yup with that amount of toe in the center image should be quite strong, depending how far back you sit you may enjoy it for music in 2ch only. So you'll only really need the center for dialog in movies, as far apart as they are in your room you definitely don't wanna use phantom center for movies it would be an immersion killer a ft left or right of the sweetspot dialog will collapse from the center. If you are gonna run the Heresy like I do for center make sure it's high enough up. If you make a box in the cabinet for it to sit in, perhaps even give it a 1 to 1.5inch tilt upwards to compensate for it sitting just below your tv screen. Your listening position it will sound like its coming at the same height as the KHorns and you'll know it's perfect when you have L to R or R to L pans and swings with entertainment that are seamless. You'll know when it's dead on perfect. Nice thing about the Hersey or Cornwall is they aren't super deep so they won't stick out ahead of the KHorns. Granted that can be adjusted for with processor setup, time delay and speaker distance. My Heresy sticks out slightly forward of the inner toe in of the KHorn but aligns evenly with the outer angled edge of the KHorns forward and works great. As for your other questions sorry I didn't see that earlier. I'm actually not sure if the KHorn 70th Anniversary's are considered Tractrix or not. I'm not really an expert on horn/waveguide designs lol. I'm sure one of the guys here would know. They just have the standard Klipsch horn/wave guide design with the right angles, my Forte's for example have those fancy new flanges and curved shapes in their waveguide for the midrange but the timbre and tonal qualities of them are undeniably heritage. Good luck on the build out you are gonna be thrilled when it's all done. I for one can't wait to see how the build proceeds. Heritage Music and HT is the best
  5. sixspeed


    Great looking speaker. GLWS!
  6. I would look at Lexicon, Arcam or Rotel. The former 2 especially have all the DIRAC bells and whistles and will do all the current formats. In your case for 5.1 you'll be getting at best TrueHD 5.1/DTS-HD MA 5.1 layer embedded in Dolby Atmos and DTS:X streams. What I like about Arcam is they offer better support than others for legacy lossy digital surround formats like DTS-ES. Also keep an eye out for JBL Synthesis stuff which is mainly used in pro installs and mostly rebranded Lexicon, Bryston, Trinnov etc. you can sometimes get unbelievable deals on those pre-pros. I personally don't like the Audyssey, DIRAC, Yamaha YPAO etc. stuff as I find that DSP to be invasive and muck up the sound. I'm more a believer in physical room treatment and a processor faithfully decoding and reproducing the source as pure as possible. But if you want DIRAC or similar, I'd basically look at the Harman family of brands for your pre-pro. Good luck!
  7. Not sure what KHorns they are though, assuming older so they will be open back and will need a perfect corner for them. Very tight fitting corner otherwise you will need to make false corners for them or modify the bass cabinet to make it closed back like how the new ones are which still need a corner but don't have to be perfectly sealed they just need to be in the vicinity. The crossovers may also need replacing too depending on the age too. Belles are fine just along a wall like a Cornwall or Forte. If that's not something you can do or can't make work due to the room then the KHorns may not be ideal. I would personally do this if you can make it work though and if the speakers are in great shape. KHorns + the Belle for the center is a legendary combo not just for HT but equally as much for music. That would be a pretty substantial upgrade over the 7s and the 504 center IMHO. Especially the center. The RF7s are really good speakers though, especially the IIs and IIIs. It would make a fantastic surround speaker for those 3 up front, you'd have basically 5 full range speakers in that system so you can just imagine. Voicing of the 7s though may not be a 100% perfect sonic match compared to heritage so you may have to fiddle with the EQ a bit. Perhaps not, YMMV. Aesthetically of course they look very different but if that doesn't bother you then I would very much consider doing this.
  8. I don't know about older KHorns and Heresy's but all I can tell you is the Heresy III is a phenomenal HT and music center between 2 AK5.5 KHorns. Main thing is just having the height/position of it right relative to the seating position. With the slant base it has far enough away the Heresy sounds like it's coming from TV level like the KHorns. If you are too close to it it may be an issue though as a center, so you will have to elevate it a bit. Voicing on it is a perfect match on mine and the LCR sound stage is seamless with movies. I actually have custom Aussie Walnut Forte IV's on order for my corner surrounds to upgrade to 6.2 (I use 2 subs). Down the road will eventually add 4 heights for Atmos/DTS:X and Auro. But for now I will be happy going from 1 to 3 surrounds as I've been running LCRS aka 3/1.2 for 2-3 years now. But between equal rough time period and model, the Heresy is an excellent center between them. Dialog is crystal clear and it actually helps with upper frequency extension since the H3s extend to 20kHz where as the KHorns fall off after 18kHz. Not that you can really hear that anyway as lots of great cinema horn systems also roll off above 18kHz as well. But to be honest when I initially just ran 2ch HT with the KHorns, they really came alive even more when I wasn't relying on them for phantom center anymore when I added the 2 H3 70ths to my system. I have the Heresy III's crossed over at 60hz, to give them a bit of padding before they fall off and on my pre-pro depending on the source type I have that set to redirect to the KHorns for music and the subs center channel bass management with films, both modern lossy/lossless discrete surround and older matrix surround films from the 80s. Now there are a lot more options for you as in the late 80s you also had the Belle's too which are a killer center for KHorns. Really just depends on your room layout, console/furniture considerations etc. Because at one point or another in Klipsch history, the Heresy, Cornwall, Belle and La Scala's have all been used as center channels for the KHorn and all will do the job. The latter 2 especially in wider stereo arrays primarily for a 3ch stereo system for music. Something that still sounds amazing even with the Heresy -- which I know first hand since it's how I exclusively listen to music with it... with a custom PWK box made for me with an adjustment gain for the center. Music DSP in modern Pre-Pros other than Meridian is horrible, especially Atmos/DTS:X ones. You'll enjoy music a lot more in passive 3ch than using the very generic "improved" DSU or DTS Neo:X upmixers. Neo:6 Music and PLII Music are not available in Atmos/DTS:X capable AVR/Pre-Pros, but the passive 3ch sounds better for music anyway, and better than straight 2ch IMHO. There were also some other bespoke models in the 80s and early 90s that Klipsch no longer makes that also may work as a center as well for late 80s KHorns, but I'd probably stick with the heritage "legacy" line of models for the reasons state above -- they've all been used as center channels between KHorns at some point in different systems over the years with great success. Space/footprint wise, the Cornwall and Heresy will be the most friendly, and both are also enclosed of course too. The La Scalas and Belle's stick out a good amount. The low end of the Cornwall would be the best out of all of them. So if you can fit them, the Cornwall would be my choice, and the Forte or Heresy for your side and rear surrounds. Good luck!
  9. Yeah I wanna know too ^^ If it was a business jet that would be totally insane. Military I could totally see that, especially in something agile like a Hornet, F16 or Raptor.
  10. @jimjimbo That's what I was thinking. But I'm not on Facebook anymore, deleted it long ago. Don't really have much interest in going back on there again to be brutally honest lol.
  11. That is so cool! I was surprised to learn ironically someone had the RC64 III made in Australian Walnut a couple years ago, a dealer actually ironically to be a matching center between 70th KHorns like I have. But seeing how awesome that turned out really gives me high hopes! Awesome job
  12. Still trying to acquire a pair of these, so thought I'd bump this after a few months that I am still interested incase anyone has a pair available for purchase! So far I have had 1 PM response from a scammer here, and 1 response from a scammer on Audiogon. I'm not renewing the Audiogon ad. 0 for 2 lol. Will give this about another week or 2 before I ultimately look to go in another direction, a far more expensive one. I ended up selling 2 GPUs I had on eBay taking advantage of the mining markup prices right now to have the extra funds in place incase I end up going that route. But much prefer this plan of course. Anyway if anyone has a pair they may want to sell, perhaps to make room to upgrade to a new Heritage model let me know! I will give you top dollar for it, especially if they're in great condition. Thanks so much for looking.
  13. BTW just as an update as promised. I was able to acquire this grille fabric. The Acoustone grille fabrics, including the P9000 model is made by Newcastle Fabrics and they have it. They sell it by the cubic yard. I received it a few weeks ago. And ordered a decent amount to be able to use and make for any large size heritage speaker. Ordering was all via email and they took a couple weeks in between responses but it all worked out and is identical to the 70th Anniversary Grille. They themselves confirmed it to me via email that they are indeed the original manufacturer of the 70th anniversary grille fabric. I should also be receiving the custom RC64 script badges I had made sometime next month as well by the gentlemen that Randy recommended in Russia. We worked together on the exact design and sketch. Also had him make me a script "Klipsch" one but without the "orn" in it as well. Looking forward to getting the Australian Walnut RC-64 III I ordered from Paducah HT. Ended up ordering an extra stock grille to have the one black one as back up. Will use the framing of the stock grille to put the P9000 grille fabric over it and emblem. Which goes to my final question. What is the best adhesive/glue to use for grille fabric installation? On the Heritage models and Anniversary speakers with the metal mesh grille, you can see how around the back edges where they fold the grille and glue over it. It reminds me of the epoxy used in carbon composite material layers construction. Does anyone know the best epoxy/glue for this application? Or is there a specific one I should use for this? Thanks!!
  14. I used to love Marantz equipment in the 2000s, but IMHO the brand isn't quite what it once was. Klipsch speakers aren't particularly amp picky in my experience, I have found the digital front end or analog source equipment to make more of a difference. That said though I have found Bryston and McIntosh to really be my go to amps for Heritage. Since heritage is super efficient they don't need a ton of power but enough where you have plenty of headroom and then some. Really any McIntosh from the last 11-12 years to current is gonna have their newer more transparent sound. I find Mac's older solid state stuff to sound far too mushy, warm and laidback. I used the MA5200 (has no Autoformers) for about a year and a half when I was strictly running 2ch with the KHorn 70ths and it was glorious. Dynamic, powerful, wonderful clarity and detail... just delivered the goods in spades. When I integrated a few more speakers to merge HT and 2ch and picked up the MC206 6CH power amp it was a massive disappointment. Reason I went for the older 206 over the much newer 205 or 207 is the former being quite a bit less tall and fitting in the 7 5/8" opening and 8.1" total clearance in my media console. I figured it would sound like the 5200 just with 6ch''s. Boy was I wrong. Totally different sound signature. The newer Mac amps sound so much better. Like 10x better. I always loved Bryston analog and digital equipment and have found Bryston and Klipsch to be an amazing pairing especially for dual HT and 2ch use. Super transparent, clean and powerful sound. Not harsh in anyway, music sounds fantastic. Heritage I think benefits clean power solid state to help with bass extension and give them a bit more punch, slam and power with as flat and clean as frequency response as possible. Ended up with the Bryston 9BSST2, and low profile compared to the 205/207 so fit with opening in my media console. Has that new Mac sound but with 5ch outs. Would have loved to get the 205/207 but system/setup requirements made me go elsewhere. My entire digital front end and source components are all Bryston now with the exception of the Oppo. Amazingly built stuff. Not as flashy as Mac, but performance is right there with new Mac gear, probably even better. That said, I think you would absolutely love the MC205 or MC207. I would definitely go in that direction and not even think twice about not having autoformers on it. It will still be very musical and will get out of the way and do what it needs to do. Shortly before the pandemic I heard the MC205 during a demo and was really impressed with it, sounded a lot more like the 5200 I used for awhile, which doesn't have the autoformers as I mentioned and loved with the KHorn. Generally speaking Heritage sounds amazing with Class A and Class A/B solidstate. Accuphase, McIntosh, Bryston etc. All really good stuff.
  15. Awesome lol. Congrats and good luck on hunting down those!
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