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  1. Yeah I wanna know too ^^ If it was a business jet that would be totally insane. Military I could totally see that, especially in something agile like a Hornet, F16 or Raptor.
  2. @jimjimbo That's what I was thinking. But I'm not on Facebook anymore, deleted it long ago. Don't really have much interest in going back on there again to be brutally honest lol.
  3. That is so cool! I was surprised to learn ironically someone had the RC64 III made in Australian Walnut a couple years ago, a dealer actually ironically to be a matching center between 70th KHorns like I have. But seeing how awesome that turned out really gives me high hopes! Awesome job
  4. Still trying to acquire a pair of these, so thought I'd bump this after a few months that I am still interested incase anyone has a pair available for purchase! So far I have had 1 PM response from a scammer here, and 1 response from a scammer on Audiogon. I'm not renewing the Audiogon ad. 0 for 2 lol. Will give this about another week or 2 before I ultimately look to go in another direction, a far more expensive one. I ended up selling 2 GPUs I had on eBay taking advantage of the mining markup prices right now to have the extra funds in place incase I end up going that route. But much prefer this plan of course. Anyway if anyone has a pair they may want to sell, perhaps to make room to upgrade to a new Heritage model let me know! I will give you top dollar for it, especially if they're in great condition. Thanks so much for looking.
  5. BTW just as an update as promised. I was able to acquire this grille fabric. The Acoustone grille fabrics, including the P9000 model is made by Newcastle Fabrics and they have it. They sell it by the cubic yard. I received it a few weeks ago. And ordered a decent amount to be able to use and make for any large size heritage speaker. Ordering was all via email and they took a couple weeks in between responses but it all worked out and is identical to the 70th Anniversary Grille. They themselves confirmed it to me via email that they are indeed the original manufacturer of the 70th anniversary grille fabric. I should also be receiving the custom RC64 script badges I had made sometime next month as well by the gentlemen that Randy recommended in Russia. We worked together on the exact design and sketch. Also had him make me a script "Klipsch" one but without the "orn" in it as well. Looking forward to getting the Australian Walnut RC-64 III I ordered from Paducah HT. Ended up ordering an extra stock grille to have the one black one as back up. Will use the framing of the stock grille to put the P9000 grille fabric over it and emblem. Which goes to my final question. What is the best adhesive/glue to use for grille fabric installation? On the Heritage models and Anniversary speakers with the metal mesh grille, you can see how around the back edges where they fold the grille and glue over it. It reminds me of the epoxy used in carbon composite material layers construction. Does anyone know the best epoxy/glue for this application? Or is there a specific one I should use for this? Thanks!!
  6. I used to love Marantz equipment in the 2000s, but IMHO the brand isn't quite what it once was. Klipsch speakers aren't particularly amp picky in my experience, I have found the digital front end or analog source equipment to make more of a difference. That said though I have found Bryston and McIntosh to really be my go to amps for Heritage. Since heritage is super efficient they don't need a ton of power but enough where you have plenty of headroom and then some. Really any McIntosh from the last 11-12 years to current is gonna have their newer more transparent sound. I find Mac's older solid state stuff to sound far too mushy, warm and laidback. I used the MA5200 (has no Autoformers) for about a year and a half when I was strictly running 2ch with the KHorn 70ths and it was glorious. Dynamic, powerful, wonderful clarity and detail... just delivered the goods in spades. When I integrated a few more speakers to merge HT and 2ch and picked up the MC206 6CH power amp it was a massive disappointment. Reason I went for the older 206 over the much newer 205 or 207 is the former being quite a bit less tall and fitting in the 7 5/8" opening and 8.1" total clearance in my media console. I figured it would sound like the 5200 just with 6ch''s. Boy was I wrong. Totally different sound signature. The newer Mac amps sound so much better. Like 10x better. I always loved Bryston analog and digital equipment and have found Bryston and Klipsch to be an amazing pairing especially for dual HT and 2ch use. Super transparent, clean and powerful sound. Not harsh in anyway, music sounds fantastic. Heritage I think benefits clean power solid state to help with bass extension and give them a bit more punch, slam and power with as flat and clean as frequency response as possible. Ended up with the Bryston 9BSST2, and low profile compared to the 205/207 so fit with opening in my media console. Has that new Mac sound but with 5ch outs. Would have loved to get the 205/207 but system/setup requirements made me go elsewhere. My entire digital front end and source components are all Bryston now with the exception of the Oppo. Amazingly built stuff. Not as flashy as Mac, but performance is right there with new Mac gear, probably even better. That said, I think you would absolutely love the MC205 or MC207. I would definitely go in that direction and not even think twice about not having autoformers on it. It will still be very musical and will get out of the way and do what it needs to do. Shortly before the pandemic I heard the MC205 during a demo and was really impressed with it, sounded a lot more like the 5200 I used for awhile, which doesn't have the autoformers as I mentioned and loved with the KHorn. Generally speaking Heritage sounds amazing with Class A and Class A/B solidstate. Accuphase, McIntosh, Bryston etc. All really good stuff.
  7. Awesome lol. Congrats and good luck on hunting down those!
  8. Sell it on eBay. You'll probably be able to get more than you paid for it with the GPU and chip shortages right now. You'll be able to put those funds towards a Mac or a Primaluna.
  9. Wow that's really neat. Congrats on the vintage KHorns.
  10. sixspeed


    Not interested in big bugs are whatever they are using as a substitute for the protein. Tried it a few times, it's just not the same. This is a bridge too far for me. Just my 2 cents...
  11. Those are beautiful. Never heard a Belle in person, would love to some day.
  12. @moray james Good to know, thanks for the heads up. Indeed, the craftsman ship of those stands looks truly on point. Shame they can't make them taller but things are moving into place as far as finalizing how I will finish off my heritage HT system, so I may end up being able to utilize the shorter stand size. Thanks again for your amazing suggestion. six
  13. Very interesting appreciate all the responses and ideas @moray james That's exactly what I'm looking for. But higher. I took a look at Skyland and those are perfect. I'll reach out and see if he would be able to make me a 36" high one as I have my Heresy now above ear level in the back and I like the effect that provides. I use Aragosy 360is with my Focal Studio Monitors in my office, and just discovered they have a different 36" model with a base suitable for a Heresy. But I like the quality of those Skyland stands and how they are filled and dampened. Really nice stuff. Thank you so much guys... this is why this community is the best!
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