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  1. Thanks! That's great, now I feel confident purchasing the R-110SW. I realize this question is more about the Yamaha YAS 107 soundbar than a Klipsch subwoofer, so I apologize in advance, but since the soundbar is supposed to go down to 60 Hz, if I set the sub's crossover frequency at 80 Hz, will the soundbar actually let the sub play starting at 80 Hz or will it refuse to allow the sub to play above 60 Hz? Any recommendations for crossover frequency for tv/movies? What about for music?
  2. Hi, If I were to connect the Yamaha YAS 107 soundbar to the Klipsch R-110SW subwoofer, and I set the gain on the back of the sub to 1/4th, then would the soundbar's remote (which has a separate control for subwoofer volume) be able to to adjust the sub's volume from 0 to 25% (because I set the gain on the back of the sub to 1/4th) or from 0 to 100% (i.e. what I set on the back of the sub is irrelevant)? I ask because I will have some AIRBNB clients stay here and I don't want them to mess up the system. Also, do you think this set-up could possibly crack a glass window which is 3-4 feet from the sub? I'm just worried some client will mess things up badly. Thanks for your time!, kam
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