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  1. S/N 12656 and 12657. Contact by phone is best to send pics and to answer questions 317-225-3571. Thanks so much Troy
  2. Pair of Black Forte II speakers for sale. Price reduced asking $550 sn 12656 & 12657. I have owned these since the early 90s. I bought them off my brother in law who bought them new. Remodeled the basement and am not using them anymore so that's why I'm selling them. I'm located in Greenfield IN and can be contacted at 317-225-3571.
  3. Thank you. Another person posted for me to move these to the garage sale area so I'll try that.
  4. I'm wanting to sell my solid black oak forte II speakers I have had since early 1990. I no longer have room for them and would like to sell them, still I great shape, sound awesome and can provide pictures. I thought this forum could help find a buyer. I'm located in Greenfield IN. Thanks Troy 317-225-3571.
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