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  1. Folks....in an effort to clarify any "questions" regarding the age of my La Scala II's..... - wvu80, I have no idea how Klipsch manages their serialization process and quite honestly, I have never even thought about it! I can assure you that they were not born in 1992 as I don't believe La Scala II's even existed at this time. I suspect you meant to say 2002 not 1992? However, your interpretation of the born on date is still off by about 5 years. - opusk2k9, you are very accurate in your "guess" regarding born on date - The speakers were ordered on or about June 9, 2007 - The packing slip from Klipsch is dated July 23, 2007 - The delivery date to my home was July 26, 2007 via FedEx Freight - My chiropractor visit was July 27, 2007.....FexEx listed shipping weight at 490 pounds!!! I hope this helps!! Thanks...Scott
  2. Yes, they are mine. Assuming "nib" is new in box? If you interested in purchasing, I would be happy to discuss a transaction with you outside the forum. Thanks
  3. This is your rare opportunity to own a true classic loudspeaker and a piece of US audio history, the Klipsch La Scala II. The sound is simply stunning. These single owner loudspeakers are approximately 10 years old and are in outstanding condition. They were driven mostly by low watt tube amplification. They have a beautiful cherry finish. All serial number information is accurate and matching. They include all documentation, certificates of authenticity, as well as original shipping paperwork and shipping containers. These audiophile classics can be yours for the asking price of $5500. More info here: https://atlanta.craigslist.org/nat/ele/d/klipsch-la-scala-ii/6382973336.html Thanks....Scott
  4. Chris...not sure if you are still in the market for a pair of La Scala II's, but if so... https://atlanta.craigslist.org/nat/ele/d/klipsch-la-scala-ii/6382973336.html Let me know if you are interested. Thanks!!
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