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  1. Hi, So fortunately or unfortunately (mostly the latter) I have the same issue. My left front speaker keeps loosing connection with the HD Control center. I just purchased the system last week, the latest firmware is loaded on the system at least from what I can tell. This issue occurs daily and each time I have to factory reset the entire system and start with the setup process all over again which take 15 mins so this is getting fairly annoying now. If I go to the speaker status page when the issue occures, it shows that the front left speaker's MCU firmware is 0.0.0 which seems to be issue. The most peculiar thing is that the right front speaker which I assume is part of the same pair does not loose connection nor my sub. Anyway long story short the left speaker from the pair of bookshelf's keeps loosing it's connection and the family is getting fairly frustrated. Please provide a solution any help you can provide to resolve this issue would be much appreciated. Thanks, Jay
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