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  1. Hey, I have R15-PM for two year now. They worked perfect without any problem, until now. Without any further notice, they suddenly stopped working. So far I've tried different connections (including Bluetooth), and nothing work, no sound at all comes from the speakers. Even the "normal" humming sound has disappeared, they're completely quiet. Do you have any idea what could be wrong? How can I fix the problem? Thanks, Dor
  2. Thanks! I'll test it again via Bluetooth. Could you maybe check it via USB too ? Edit: I've tested it with my Nexus 6P via Bluetooth. Seems fine too. Maybe Windows issue?
  3. Hey, I bought new R-15PM, they sound great and work good. I've noticed weird delay on the last day using them (maybe it was always and just ignored it). Is it normal to have a little delay after the speakers are idle for a few seconds? I can't even hear the start of the sound (Like Windows prompt or error sound), just the end of it. Edit: Forgot to mention, I'm using them on my PC through USB, although it happens with bluetooth too.
  4. Thanks! What about the sample rates as you can see here?
  5. This is an old thread, but the only one that is relevant to my question. So, what should I do in the playback properties? Check all the available rates (in supported formats tab) and choose the 24/96000 (in advanced tab)? Thanks, Dor
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