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  1. Thanks! I was just reading this in my TV manual. I will try connecting the other components to the soundbar instead of the TV to see if it makes a difference.
  2. Hello everyone! I just purchased and installed a RSB-11 soundbar. I have been happy with it and the sound since I installed it, but I do have one question regarding the dolby decoder. For reference, I have the RSB-11 connected to my Panasonic Viera 50" plasma with a digital optical cable (no HD ARC port available). My blu-ray and roku are connected to the TV's HDMI ports. I have never noticed the dolby light illuminate, indicating that the soundbar was processing the dolby sound. I have tried turning the Klipsch virtual surround option off (even though the manual says it doesn't affect the dolby processing), and the light still doesn't illuminate. I have also disabled the speakers on the TV (not that I think that makes any difference with the issue). Any ideas? Thank you in advance.
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