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  1. Thank you Wuzzzer. I was thinking the same that no one here would tell me to buy smaller speakers What are advantages of owning wide dispersion speakers over normal ones? Can I still use them for games and will it not spoil the position of sound?
  2. Hi Everyone! New here to the forum so sorry in advance With new AVR Onkyo RZ3100, I'm about to replace my old JBL E80 7.1 system with Klipsch 7.1 (in future .4) system. My room is about 25 m2, almost square, (flat, with neighbors) and my question is: Price aside (have a great deal, so it’s not a factor at all), is my room too little for RP: 2x 280F, 1x 450C, 4x 160M and R-112SW (or R-115SW)? Is it possible to “overpower” the room? Should I choose 260, 440 and 150? Is it true that bigger speaker is always better or can it make it worse in my environment? As my surrounds should I use RP-160M or maybe RP-250S? (distance from MLP is 2,2 meters) – never had bipolar speakers. I listen mostly to movies (50%), XBOX (25%) and music (25%). Many thanks in advance for advice
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