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  1. Thanks for your answer. I was afraid they were too big to sit on top the RP-4000F... It's a pity Klipsch doesn't also make a smaller version of the RP-500 SAs.
  2. Could anyone using the RP-500SA speakers please provide their exact size/dimensions? I am thinking about adding them as rear upfiring Atmos speakers (for various reasons, I cannot add height or ceiling speakers). They would sit on top of my existing rear RP-4000F speakers. Now according to the spec sheets and web site information for both speaker types, the RP-500SA seem to fit onto the RP-4000F: RP-500SA: width 6.81"/17.3cm, depth 11.16"/28.4cm RP-4000F: width 7.42"/18.85cm, depth 12.03"/30.56cm BUT...: I measured my RP-4000F speakers. They are definitely and noticeably smaller regarding width and depth compared to their values provided on the spec sheet or the web site. They are more like 6"/15cm width and 10"/25cm depth, which would mean the RP-500SA don't really fit onto the RP4000F without looking goofy IF the specs provided for the RP-500SA are correct. -> Thence my question regarding their exact size. Thanks for having borne with me until now 🙂
  3. Thanks to all for your input. I went through a lot of the sound checks on audiocheck.net and didn't actually find any issues or peculiarities. Sounded ok. But the test files only triggered the fronts and the sub (as they seem to be stereo). So I am not sure how they apply to my situation. My center is well below ear height. So I will rerun the Audyssey setup with the mic lower to see whether is makes any difference. To rule out Audyssey screwing up: does setting, “MultEQ XT32” to Off completely disable any Audyssey settings? Or maybe setting it to “Direct” or “Pure Direct” mode?
  4. I have double checked all the connections. Settings seem correct to me. I have tested with Audyssey Flat and Reference and Off. Doesn't make that much difference to me. Sounds still rather muffled in my opinion.
  5. - In 2002, I had bought a JVC home theater setup consisting of a 5.1 receiver, a sub and five small loudspeaker boxes (containing two 2-inch speakers each). Thought it sounded ok at that time. - Two years ago, I swapped the JVC receiver with a Marantz SR 6011. Went through the Audyssey setup and found it quite an improvement especially regarding surround sound. Running with Dynamic EQ OFF and Dynamic Volume ON (because of thin walls in our apartment and not constantly wanting to change the volume during a movie because of the neighbours). - I have just replaced the JVC speakers with a Klipsch 7.1.2 setup (front RP-8060FA, center RP-504C, ...) and ran Audyssey again (also read the lengthy Audyssey FAQ on Avsforum). Again running with Dynamic EQ OFF and Dynamic Volume ON. -> Now I am confused: for my taste, movie dialogue sounds muffled and seemingly devoid of any heights compared to the JVC speakers. It doesn't make a difference whether dialogue comes from the center speaker or from the big front speakers (for example when manually setting the output to stereo for testing purposes). Still sounds muffled on both. With the JVC speakers, dialogue sounded clear and bright. The difference is pretty baffling. Now I am not sure whether the JVCs were totally off or if there is something wrong with the current setup. I know sound is always a rather subjective issue. All the more as I have been accustomed to the JVC speakers for many years. But are there any ways to test how dialogue is "supposed" to sound? Any ideas or thoughts are appreciated.
  6. I am looking into buying an RP 7.1 Atmos setup. One of the issues I have is with the placement of the center channel speaker in my room. On the Klipsch web site I have seen several pictures showing a TV sitting directly on the center speaker. Are there any guidelines, do's and don'ts regarding placing the TV on the center speaker, in my case the RP-450C. Is it possible? Advisable? Maximum weight of the TV?
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