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  1. Thanks for the advice about the subs. One of my concerns is that the right side and rear of the room is wide open. Getting a balanced sound may be challenging but I really don't want to get a contractor to build walls there and enclose the room since I'm not the only one using it. I think I am going to go with the RP 280FAs front and rear and then the 260F towers for sides. Unless someone tells me the 250S surrounds are better for the sides?
  2. Sorry, not 100 ft, more like 60 ft. It's a large room full of clutter now but I can appropriate a corner of it for my new home theater. Fortunately it is pretty dark (as it used to be a garage) and so light control won't be an issue. I can leave cables and stuff all over the floor as I'm not concerned with how it looks really, just how good the experience will be with decent gear. I figure the screen will probably be around 120" or so and the main seating position 12 to 14 ft away. The back wall is 60 ft away from the screen the the other side wall is about another 20 ft as well. Room dimensions.pdf
  3. Hi everyone. After reading so many threads here and AVS forum and elsewhere, I have not found an answer to my question about the reference premiere's. I have a largish room for a home theater 16 ft across the short wall where the screen is going (Sony VPLVW385ES due this week) and 100 ft on the long dimension but open on the other 2 sides (for now). AVR Marantz SR8012 coming this week so it can handle 7.2.4 setup. Now to choose the correct speakers for a Dolby Atmos setup. RP280FA x 2 in front, RP450CA center, R115SW x 2 for subs. Now the real question is the sides and rears. Ceiling is 8 ft and flat but I can't but speakers in the ceiling. Would anyone consider using the RP250S surrounds for sides and another pair of the RP280FAs in the back? Elsewhere I have seen the RP260F with the RP140Sa atmos add-ons used for rears but that seems like it is actually slightly more expensive and not necessarily better. I wouldn't be averse to not using the RP250S surrounds as sides since they are dipoles and going with one of the floor standing models instead (what about the R26FAs??). I think I have information overload! Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
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