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  1. Hi Chad, Thanks for getting back to me. After my 3rd call to kibo support last week, and being a general PITA (which I truly do not relish), the 2nd kibo rep who promised to contact the shipping manager actually followed through (the first didn't), as my order shipped that same day, last Thursday. Delivery via UPS ground is expected next Tuesday for the speakers, and Wednesday for the wireless sub connector. Wednesday will be the 8th business day, which falls outside your 3 - 7 day delivery window. All in all, a week and a half from order to delivery, which is not a stellar metric by any means. It's problematic enough people will avoid ordering through the site, unless they're getting some deal they can't get from one of your retail partners who can deliver much quicker. I will honestly say had I known shipping would take this long, I wouldn't have ordered direct from Klipsch/Voxx Corp. I didn't even consider it would be an issue though, as this is so unusual. I do regret being generally bitchy about this. I am not that type of customer. But with a purchase this large I expect timely shipping and delivery information which every other company provides. I don't know how backlogged you guys are, and perhaps that's the crux of the problem. But I think most customers expectation these days (in my own experience with my business) is 3 - 4 days for delivery. I've already gotten to play around with the r-110SW and I like it very much. I've had promedia speakers for nearly 10 years which still beat any current PC speakers. I trust you guys when it comes to great audio equipment, and I expect I'll leave good reviews on the speakers once I finally get them. I spent weeks researching and your website is top notch, like the products I already own. So that's why it pains me to see fulfillment drop the ball so hard, for a company which I think is doing so many things correctly. I hope you guys do revamp your fulfillment operations, because I can't be the only customer who is going through this. I do plan to order the rp-140sa in the near future, but at this point I doubt it will be directly through Klipsch. The idea of dealing with kibo again makes my stomach churn. Thanks again for following up, I do appreciate it very much!
  2. This is now the end of the 3rd business day and still my order has not shipped, with no word from Klipsch with what the hell is going on. No status update, nothing at all. Is there ANYONE at Klipsch who knows what's going on with customer orders? Anyone at all?
  3. I appreciate the insight. Phone support didn't mention that orders get farmed out to dealers. In fact the lady I spoke with seemed irritated that I wasn't satisfied with their 3 days of processing time, as if that's in any way normal. In my company, any order which is pending longer than 48 hours better have a billing or shipping address issue. It is unacceptable for us to let orders languish like that. As a consumer, I hate slow shipping speeds. So I don't let our company fall behind. I don't really care if the order is farmed out to dealers, but there needs to be a delivery date provided on the account screen. I ordered all my home theater gear on Sunday: Amazon: r110sw - delivered today, going to pick it up right now Video & Audio Center: DN1080 Receiver - delivering tomorrow Crutchfield - subdude isolating platform - delivering tomorrow Klipsch Direct - 240s surrounds, 250c center, rp160m fronts, w2a wireless sub connector - still hasn't shipped 4 dealers, and 3 will have their orders delivered this week. Klipsch hasn't even shipped yet. All they've done is taken my money. I was expecting that 5 business days for processing and shipping would be plenty of time so I could install everything this weekend. But now it looks like my weekend is shot because Klipsch is sitting on my order. Right now the order says "shipping soon" with no delivery estimate. I don't even know how it's being shipped, or if there's another stage after "shipping soon". And if ends up delivering next week, I need to know when so I can be home to take delivery. I can't even plan because there's no ETA except for "soon". One other thing - they processed my card so they have my money. Our company only processes cards the day the order goes out. We do not hold onto people's money until we get around to shipping their order out. We also don't take 2 days to run a credit card either. Nothing about this is "as good" as anywhere else you can shop online. And that's something Klipsch management needs to understand if they intend to use their own website as a serious sales channel. The website is beautiful by the way across mobile and desktop, so props to your web devs. The Kibo stuff and fulfillment is a mess though. I had no idea what lurked in the backend and I'm filled with regret having not placed my order through a retailer instead.
  4. I hope someone from Klipsch will see this. Your operations manager or business execs need to take a hard look at whatever company you handed your fulfillment off to, because they are doing a terrible job of servicing your customers, and they are dragging your brand down with them. I placed a $1400 order this past Sunday and it's taken 2 days to process the payment and still hasn't shipped yet. I run a business myself, where we manufacture products and sell direct to the public just like Klipsch. We get everything shipped out same day or next day, which is what customers expect in 2018. You know the nice thing about selling direct? The profit margins are really good, as there's no retailer involved. Me, knowing this and wanting to support Klipsch, made the stupid mistake of trying to order direct. It should not take 3+ days to ship an order guys. That's not AT ALL competitive with any other online retailer, especially amazon. And when you contact support to get an ETA, they can't tell you, because shipping is in another department, which might as well be another country as far as they're concerned. They apparently don't communicate with each other. All support can do is reiterate what I can find on your website, which isn't helpful. They don't know any more than I do, so what exactly is their job? The only thing I didn't order direct from Klipsch was an sw110 sub. I got that from Amazon. That's showing up today, because Amazon doesn't sit on orders for several days before they ship them. That's why people buy through Amazon. We ship same day or next day, and in most cases we're having to pick and pack items which is time consuming. I would imagine Klipsch only needs to slap a label on their product packaging and hand it off to a carrier. No packing involved. So what's the deal guys? You sell a premium product, with premium prices, with fulfillment from the 90s. It's absolutely abysmal. And my assumption is no one at Klipsch knows what's going on. Or they don't care, which really makes me worry about the products I ordered. I decided to go with Klipsch because I love the 2.1 promedia speakers I bought probably 10 years ago. That single little sale has now generated loyalty you guys are pissing away real quick with a terrible ordering process. I'm not very happy right now. I was so excited to make this purchase and have everything installed, but honestly I'm thinking of cancelling my order now and ordering through a retailer who I know can take my money and send me products in a timely fashion. Imagine that! I should have just ordered everything through amazon. I would have everything delivered today, and you would make less money Klipsch. But at least I wouldn't be pissed off. If someone from the company would respond, I sure would appreciate it. I didn't just write this to vent. I sincerely don't want any of your other customers to deal with this.
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