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  1. The speakers I have are the r-15pm which are powered. so maybe there might be something wrong with my electrical, didn't have the loud hum when I took one of the speakers to work. no wifi router near the speakers I did take one of the speakers to work with me and there was no hum at my office. there was just a slight hiss, similar to when I just use the bluetooth input at home. and you are right there isn't a need to use my stand alone preamp as they do have one built in. but I was just testing to see if there was any difference with the hum. the r-15-pm can accept phono or line level (by using a switch on the back). also when I was at home with them and I touch the ground post the hum would get quieter or any metal on the back of the speaker that contains the amp. So I am thinking there is something with my electrical that is causing the issue with the R-15PM, as I did not have the same issue when I took the right speaker to work and plugged it in. I don't claim to know a lot about speakers and so this is kind of a learning experience for me, I don't know why the bluetooth input would work fine, but the phono input would have the hum? are the different input powered differently? So I am still debating if I might just return them, I have until march 22 to send them back and I don't think I'll be able to get an electrician to come and take a look that quickly (small town, not many options). I'm thinking sort out the electrical if there is something wrong and then maybe get something different. that way I don't get stuck with speakers that don't fully work in my house. Thanks everyone for your input and help and if anyone has any other suggestions let me know
  2. I went out and got the 3 to 2 prong adapters, still have the same issue with the hum. I'm thinking I may just have to return these ones as well. Trust me I would have loved to get a pair of The Sixes, but they are a little more than what I was wanting to spend. I was able to get the r-15pm on sale on Amazon for 290 shipped a while back, seemed like a good deal at the time. Thanks for the link. I still get the hum even when the turntable is not connected to the speakers. I completely unhooked everything from the speakers and the hum is still there. Then I tried unhooking the left speaker from the right and still had the hum coming from the right speaker. I then took the right speaker to several different outlets throughout my house and the hum happened every time I turned the speaker on. The hum is only there when the speaker is set to the input labeled "phono", doesn't matter if I use line or phono setting (using or not using my preamp). So I'm kind of lost at the moment. just seems odd to get 2 sets of defective speakers if that is the case. Also I do have a promedia 2.1 that I have hooked up to my computer, that does not have any issue with hum, same with my no longer working bose 2.0 companion, when they were still alive. Thanks for the replies and if anyone has any other suggestions I would appreciate it. Otherwise I may just have to send them back.
  3. I recently picked up a pair of klipsch R-15PM and I am getting a terrible hum when I switch it to the input to play my record player (Audio-Technica-LP120-USB). I have tried it while using and not using my preamp. I've tried it grounded to the preamp and tried it just grounded to the speakers. The hum is there when nothing is plugged into the input as well (noting hooked into the speakers, but set the input to phono). The hum does get louder when I hook everything back up, the hum gets louder as I increase the volume and makes using my record player to listen to anything impossible. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions? or if the speakers might just be defective? (I returned my first set, because of the same issue and this new pair is doing the same) They work fine when using bluetooth as an input. There is no noticeable hum and I didn't have this hum issue before getting the Klipsch speakers. I was previously using my preamp and a set of old desktop Bose 2.0 companion speakers (10 or more years old), but they finally died on me. Thanks for any suggestions
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