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  1. So here we are 3 1/2 years later and these are absolutely my favorite things in the world. As they are being used as the “mains” in my recording studio I decided to power them with 2 solid state Schiit Aegir’s used as mono blocks. When I push them however, they do get a bit harsh. So, I’m thing upgrades… and I thought I’d reach out to the experts ; ) 1. Would a new set of Crites AK-3 crossovers have a noticeable impact, given that the speakers have existing 1990 AK-3 crossovers in them? 2. I would love to jump to Volti Audio V-TracII horns, but the price is a bit rich for me right now. Any other suggestions to tamp down the harshness at louder levels and warm things up? Any and all input is welcome and much appreciated. Thank you!
  2. Thanks all. Renting a van and picking them up tomorrow!
  3. Thanks AC... didn't know the types were merely cosmetic differences.
  4. Hi gang, First time poster. Thanks for being here. I just went and looked at a pair of Klipschorns (1990, type B, oiled oak). They are in amazing cosmetic shape aside from a few minor nicks - original wicker grilles... all original K-55-M squakers, K-77-M tweeters, and AK-3 crossovers. They were sitting in the middle of a small room side-by-side hooked up to a crappy Yamaha A/V receiver and a JBL active subwoofer??! They sounded pretty awful. I turned off the subwoofer and tried to remove all of the DSP from the amp (don't think I was 100% successful) enough to verify that the tweeters/squakers/drivers were all functional. The only music source I had for the demo was unfortunately over-processed FM radio. I'm aware of the fact that when I get them home and put them in the corners they will sound better and have increased bass response. The current owner said he inherited these from his neighbor 2 years ago when he moved, and exclaimed "they don't make these anymore", and "they CRANK". My longterm goal would be to tri-amp them with active 3-way crossovers and possibly replace some of the diaphrams. He says (true or not) that a guy is coming on Sunday with cash, so I have only a short time to decide. He's $1500 firm for the pair. What do you all think... should I go for it? - Justin
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