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  1. Thank you all! I turned the speaker a little bit more in my direction and run Audissey again. It's actually much better, but still not 100% "satisfying". I'll try to increase the distance from the wall and see (hear) what happens.
  2. Hi dross. Moving the LF to the right would cause an asymmetry (I can't move the RF to the left - I need place to access the back of the tv) Not shure if this can be compensated by the avr. But thanks for the advice.
  3. Hi wuzzzer, thank you for the VERY fast answer! U're right... I completely fergot to run the Audissey of my Denon again. Thx for reminding me.
  4. First post fot me, so hello community! I have 2 R-15m as main speakers in my small 3.1 System (FL, FR, C, SW). In order to get a better stereo image (music is running on 2.1) I had to increase the distance of the speakers. Doing so, I had to lower them. The tweeter ist now approx. 20-30cm below ear-level. Although I don't consider myself an audiophile I feel something has changed. The sound ist now "boomier" and mids/hights less defined... The speakers are slightly tilted, so the tweeter point the ears. Ist there something else I can do to compensate? I uploaded a picture (really poor quality, sorry). The room might look bigger than it ist :-)
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