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  1. Well thanks for replies all, ended up ordering the Yamaha A-S801, seems to be a good bang for the buck in this price range - and Emotiva had 3+ months delivery. Currently borrowing my dads old Sherwood AD260B while waiting for the delivery, which i think sounds pretty nice on these speakers
  2. Not really able to demo. Got a 50% deal on Primare I22 but didn't like the sound at all. Managed to exhange it in a gift card at the same store after a long talk with the manager..
  3. Those ain't my only choices, but got a 800$ gift card on a store that sells those brands along with some other (Marantz, Hegel, Rotel and Onkyo). The tubes there are 4k plus. Could get a good deal on a Rotel A 14 there, if that's a good fit with those speakers?
  4. Hi there, currently looking for an amplifier (integrated or separate) for my RF-82 II's. After some time searching i have found the integrated Yamaha A-S801 or separate Emotiva BasX PT-100 and BasX A-300 that both seems like a good match. Any opinions on these, or any other amps that would be a good match in the same price range? Both are around 1200$ in my country.
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