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  1. Havent pulled the trigger just yet, but I am 90% settled on MC152. I wanted to stick with separates. Power seems like a good fit. whatever processor I go with should have ability to play stereo mode. While looking into the ma5300 I also discovered the new ma252 (looks sharp). Both units had appeal but what ultimately is turning me away would be the 100w/ per channel. When switching from stereo to power my home theater fronts, I would feel more comfortable with a little headroom. I also called audiocalssics and inquired about an mc8207, mc205 & mc207, reasonable prices but I'm nervous buying used & also have incentive to purchase new( can use almost $1k in gift cards) Anyone think I am making a mistake?
  2. No doubt I am a novice, but that's why I've come here. If autoformers are are found on the more expensive amps, would that not make them more desirable? I get some people like chocolate ice cream others vanilla, but are there scenarios, where cost is not a factor, that someone chooses direct coopled? Do people with higher end amps seek out a direct coupled amp for thier systems to have on hand?
  3. Let me phrase it this way. What type of amp is preferable? A direct coupled or auto transformer?
  4. Super interesting. Thank you. Which one do I want? Lol. Should I assume that the mc152 is a more quality product?
  5. Thanks for taking the time to reply and sharing your advise. Gives me something new to consider. Im concerned that the 100w will be insufficient to power my speakers in stereo or for my home theater. Bridging to 300w does seem practical either considering the speakers I'm using.(rp280f) Curious us if others think 100w would be enough for long term left and right channel purposes. Also, are the amps in the mc152 & ma5300 identical? I'm not sure I would want to compromise quality.
  6. Thank you for the reply! I found it both helpful & informative. Much appreciated. Anyone have thoughts on if makes more sense for me to purchase a new mc152 and add on from there, or buy a used mc205, mc207 or mc7205 online from a company like audioclassics in NY or mcintoshaudio out of TN? Pros for purchasing new: longevity. The specs off the mc152 seem like a nice match with my speakers. Also I like the idea of getting the latest and greatest. I can get a small discount on new & would cost less than the used products I'm considering. Pros ops for buying used: I can add more channels quicker. Would allow me to get a mcintosh model which would otherwise not be in my budget for sometime.
  7. Lol. I think that amp looks awesome, but it's way too much. Here is a pic of the mc152. 2x150 rms. Seems solid. I'm just not sure how much I'd move those needles.
  8. Hello everyone. First post. Recently purchased a new home and EVENTUALLY plan to build a dedicated theater and have 3 or 4 audio zones (maybe more) for music throughout the house. Would love some advise/ input on equipment. So far I have accumulated; rp280f, rp450c, rp250s (price matching @ bestbuy whenever frys or amazon went on sale). All speakers sit idle and have never been used. Was going to pull trigger on flagship avr but feel like it would be sad to invest thousands for a future paperweight. Also, given my "eventual" plans, I will need additional amplification anyway. So I thought a separate amp with a mediocre or used processor would be a decent start. Mcintosh caught my eye for thier looks and reputation, but am I crazy given the sensitivity of my speakers? I thought to start I would buy a newMc152 along with a used processors or avr then add from there. All comments & suggestions welcome and hope some has experience with pairing these speakers with mcintosh products. Peace & Love. Peace & Love.
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