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  1. I don't know what to do. I currently have a 3.1 setup and I wanted to go for a 5.1. I have no idea where to mount my new bookshelves. Help please! Here is my living room looking to the left, right, and a full shot of the couch.
  2. The pictures on Best Buy's website indicate that they have a keyhole mount on the back. I should of looked on this website first. How am I supposed to mount these to the wall now? I drilled into some cheap Insignia speakers for my basement and it worked just fine, I don't want to do that for these unless someone says it's ok.
  3. Wish I would of done more research before I bought these, I went into Best Buy and spent the most I could on speakers to try and get the best sound. Now that I keep reading these comments it puts me in a shitty mood. The R-25C seems small compared to the size of my R-28F's, would the 250c match or is it not worth paying more for it? Looks like I'll have to save and upgrade in the future, for now I've been very happy with my setup, I guess that's all that matters.
  4. I've decided to pull the trigger on a center channel. I have a pair of R-28F's and I've been thinking about an RC-62 center. Problem is I cant figure out for the life of me what cones match my R-28F's for color, is it the RC-62 or the RC-62 II's?
  5. How well does the RP-250C match with my 28's? I'm between that and the RC-62 II now just need to pull the trigger
  6. Problem is I haven't heard great things about this center. I've been told a center makes for 70% of the dialogue and sound. How about the 250c?
  7. This is also news to me. I wish I would of done more research before I went and picked them up from Best Buy but they were on sale and fit my budget. Is there a decent center that does match my towers? Is it an issue with timbre matching or why would I hear a difference? I thought I knew more about home audio but I guess I have a lot to learn.
  8. Hmm, didn't know that about the color. I have two R-28F's that I leave the grills off of. I would prefer it to match. Now to figure out if it does or doesn't match
  9. I was set on getting an RC-62 II then I stumbled across this RC-62 on Ebay in excellent condition for about half the price. Should I pick it up or pass?
  10. Going to order a couple R-15M's for my rear speakers and mount them higher up on the wall. These mounts off of Amazon claim you just tighten them and the speakers stay in place, I'm not too trusting of that idea. Would I ruin the speaker if I put a screw on each side into the speaker or is that a no-no? I know a strap is an option but that would look tacky in a living room IMHO. Quick side note, is my choice of RC-62 II a good one for a center?
  11. I thought I knew more than I did. TIL I guess. My couch is backed against the wall and there is no way I can have a set up like any of the pictures above. Can I get by with having the surround speakers on the wall behind me?
  12. Could you elaborate more on this? My room set up is pretty weird so side speakers aren't the best option right now. I always thought 5.1 meant Front R&L, Center and Rear R&L? By adding side surrounds first then rears wouldn't that be 7.1?
  13. I see that but I didn't want to mount flush against the wall. I'm about to cave and just buy a pair at $180 a speaker and figure it out later. Or I might just key hole mount them flush.
  14. First timer here. So far i'm in love with my two R-28F's and R-12SW. I'm ready to add rear speakers and a center. I'm thinking about the RP-250C for the center and RS-42 II's for the rear. First question, how is my speaker choice and to they match up well? Second question with the RS-42 II's I would like to wall mount them and angle them down, how can I do that? Can I safely drill into the back without damaging anything internally or is there a better mounting solution for these?
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