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  1. Hey 314carpenter I was going to message you with those details but I was not allowed to. Anyways here's the stats... in about 24 hrs between posting and deleting the post I had 22 messages regarding with 16 real offers the winner was about 10hrs in at $750 (plus the 1500 mile round trip for the winner to pick them up, driving right through that winter front!) Black lacquer finish. They're not in perfect condition with minor scratches on surfaces and the edges are a little beat up, one of the back side speaker covers has two little punctures in it. Front covers are great (though I do recall cleaning red wax off them when they first came to live with me) popped them off and everything looked perfect. They seemed to be all original parts and in good working condition when we hooked them up to the receiver and turned them on they sounded great. Is that Yamaha not worth anything? LOL nobody seemed to want it.
  2. Posted these 2 speakers a couple of years ago and had a few hits but was too busy with work to keep up... now I'd really like to get them out of my garage. Also including the Yamaha reciever pictured. I don't want to ship these monsters so I'd prefer someone that can come pick them up ASAP but if the price is right and you want to pay for shipping by all means just make an offer. I have more pictures here on Craigslist Austin. Make an offer and tell me when you can get them in a private message with some kind of contact info or reply to the craigslist post. Thanks yall!
  3. These speakers are really in decent physical shape, not perfect. I have more photos and am absolutely willing to do a "video tour" to show fronts sides and back all together on both if anyone is interested. Had them in my living room for quite a while, they are just too big for my house though. Sound amazing to me but I really don't know much about speakers or sound systems. I have a feeling someone would love to have these for a better than decent price so make an offer if you are interested. They are heavy too so I don't really want to ship them, wouldn't even know how to do that, but I suppose I would entertain the idea if you are paying for the shipping. Better if you are in driving range of Austin Texas and can come get them. OK go... don't be shy.
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