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  1. Hi all, So I am in the process of building a new home... there will be a roughly 18x20 family room (with 2 story ceiling) where I'd like to put a home theater. I want to build an Atmos setup with overhead speakers (and I understand the overheads don't have to be the best or most expensive), in probably a 7.2.4 or 7.1.4 configuration. The primary use (95%+) is for watching movies. I've been out of the speaker game for a long time but I've always liked the Klipsch speakers in the past. My wife doesn't want floor standing speakers as the TV will be over the fireplace and kind of an eyesore, so what I'm looking for is wall-mountable bookshelf speakers. I need a good center, front left/right, side surrounds and rear surrounds. The overhead speakers I was looking at the Polks RC80i since they are decent quality and inexpensive. For the rest of the speakers I'd like to stick to a ~$2000 budget. So thoughts? I have heard I need larger front speakers than rears/surrounds. I was thinking about in-wall speakers but I've heard they suck compared to bookshelf speakers. Again, they all need to be wall-mountable as well. Appreciate any help!
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