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  1. Thanks for the input, however I the pairing seems to work fine, a factory reset seems to have had no impact on the issue, and HDMI CEC is enabled; Still the problem persists. I haven't tried reapplying the update yet so that could be worth a shot, but once it's been installed I'm uncertain whether a reinstall will have any effect. I have read through the manual a few times so far, but the answer seems to not be in there.
  2. After using the unit for two days I have several times ran into a fairly serious prolbem. When the unit has been idle for a little while, the LED indicators on the front shut off leaving only the LED indicator on the back marked "WIFI SETUP" flashing rather quickly (faster than once per second). Once the device has entered this state it will stop playing any sound until the power cable has been disconnected and reconnected again. The remote control appears to have no effect, nor do the buttons on the front of the device trigger any response. What makes it even stranger is how the device is still able to send through the image signal from the connected HDMI-device (in this case, a Chromecast Ultra), thus I am able to start a video, but it will be completely silent. I have also tried connecting the RSB-8 via an optical cable, but the response is the same. The unit functions well after powering it up, but after a little while of no activity the LED indicators shut down, the WIFI SETUP LED starts flashing, and no sound is transmitted. I have updated the unit to the latest firmware as directed through the Klipsch Stream mobile app, by loading the firmware on an USB-stick and following the procedure for this. This had no effect as the problem persists. Does anyone have any ideas as to how this problem can be solved? The sound seems good as long as it functions, but having to unplug and replug the power multiple times per day is not really an option I want to consider.
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