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  1. Thank you very much for your help; any suggestions for a subwoofer?
  2. I bought these speakers on eBay. The seller said that they might be Klipsch Quintets, but he wasn't sure, and that they were untested. I received them, and while they all function, they are not as big or as heavy as authentic Quintets. The satellite speakers weigh a little more than two pounds each; the center speaker a little less than two pounds. The center speaker is about 8.5 inches wide; the satellites are about seven inches high. As you can see from the center and satellite pictures; the center driver has one, not two drivers, and looks like a rearranged version of the satellite speaker in a slightly bigger box. I'm sure these aren't Quintets, but could they be some lesser Klipsch speaker? Or are they counterfeits? I paid almost nothing for them , so I'm not too disturbed about this, but I thought they were more likely to be broken. Any additional information would be quite appreciated.
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