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  1. Hi. New guy here. Well, an old new guy. Back in 1977, I bought the Speakerlab 3-way driver set which, I think, is the same stuff inside the K-horn. Recently, I started getting brapping noises out of the starboard squawker, and when I swapped it with the port side, the brapping STILL comes from the starboard side. I have the drivers in large bass reflex cabinets and the sound is magnificent. What I'm wondering is: Since the brapping stays on the same side after I switched the squawkers, could there be something wrong with the crossover? I have the schematics for the crossovers, and can affix them here, altho I see the file exceeds 2 MB. I'm presently driving four channels with a Yamaha HTR-4065, and the brapping is only when I push it with stuff like Mahler or Stravinsky. Any advice appreciated. Thanks.
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