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  1. Oh my gosh! My apologies, I had NO idea this whole thread happened! I think I misunderstood the MO, and had been patiently waiting for specific responses to come through—I've had quite a few, actually, and have been sending pics out accordingly. It's worth noting that more than a few folks expressed their wishes that I lived elsewhere! Great to see the passion for these speakers out there. I'm generally an "old" musical equipment person, with a collection (an active one, mind you—I do play and record with them!) that includes a turn of the century banjo, a pair of 1936 National Resophonics, a 1938 Martin OOO-18g, etc. Anyhow, and mainly, apologies for seeming like a "one and done-er"; definitely not my intention at all, just didn't understand the process!
  2. Have inherited a mint pair of La Scalas, am in N. Cal, wondering best place to try and sell? Please advise, thanks!
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