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  1. Thank you for that thought John...you are right absolutely!! Something I need to keep in mind.
  2. Thanks Shakey for numerous things to think about. I would bet most HT set ups have speakers that are set up farther apart for music where room size permits with the thought of trying to broaden the soundstage for movies while increasing separation for front R/L speakers. The best of both worlds you might say, which in this case really is not completely possible. Room size, gear used, and experimentation and placement appear to be major players on how a HT and music system will sound. I am currently using RP-15 bookshelf speakers with a R10SW on my PC system pushing 55wpc on my speakers and 300watts for the sub and the sound is fantastic! I cant believe the sound coming from these speakers and it,s a PC system. These Klipsch speakers sold me on my current set up which is still in the boxes they came in I am decorating the listening room now. My system is featuring 2RF-7lll,s 1RC-64lll 2R115SW,s 2502,surrounds DenonX4400HAVR EMOTIVA XPA-5 GEN3-250wpc I was hoping with this set up I will get the best possible HT sound as well as have the power to gas the 2 RF7-lll,s to their potential . I am new to all this and made my choices after much reading and question asking by people like yourself. My plan is a 5.2 system using the Emotiva pushing 250pch for the five speakers, and use the Denon as the pre/pro and twin subs. One more question while I have you here....When I go to set my system up and if I decide to use the calibration microphone rather than set it up manually will the calibration system set it up for optimum music playback or movies? Thanks for taking the time to read my long post, but asking questions is the only way I know how to learn something. Gary
  3. Wow!!Nice set up!! Thanks for sharing
  4. Thank you...That gives me hope in the event the system does not meet my standards when it,s complete. I don't mind the expense within reason.
  5. Thank you for your comment. That's awesome! So you run a 2ch. stereo pre/amp and amp separate from your HT AVR while using the same fronts from your HT?
  6. Is it possible to have a outstanding HT and Stereo system at the same time? For stereo, what do I need to bypass the AVR with to get clean sound, be it..stereo receiver,pre/amp/ 2ch amp? Or do I just have to set up two complete systems one stereo, one HT?
  7. Actually I was not going to buy them this soon, but I stumbled across Cory who is a Klipsch Dealer and he gave me such a good deal I simply had to buy now. I was going to wait till my listening room was finished to buy, but I just could not pass up this deal.
  8. LOL...wow!!! No it,s not that steep..
  9. Wow I had not thought of that in the case of damage....No I have not opened up the boxes....I better do that and check for damage..thanks for the headsup
  10. Unfortunately no....adding to the frustration..
  11. Yes there are other guys, but I really like this guy and his prices......it,s a frustrating position to be in for sure
  12. Imagine a pallet load of Klipsch speakers....to be more specific... 2 RF-7lll,s 2 115SW,s 1 RC-64 2 RP-502,s All of which are sitting in your garage on the pallet waiting to be installed. Also on this list of frustration is a Denon X4400H and a Emotiva XPA-5 GEN3 w/250 wpc. But none of this can be installed until you don't no when....You see...my listening room is having a major make over. I just had the room painted. Next is carpet for the room and adjoining room. So I need to get all the cables under the carpet first. I live in Montana and have a very steep driveway that requires 4 wheel drive to get up and down during the winter so I am pressed for time to get the carpet done. Which I was going to be done here very soon. Well that plan went south because now my water heater needs to be replaced and the guy cant get to it for three weeks. closing the window of time before the snow falls. It is driving me crazy!!! there is a very real possibility that I wont be able to get my system set up until spring...unless we have a very dry winter.
  13. Pzannucci, that,s my problem I guess... I like and want it all.
  14. Hey WVU80, I wanted to thank you for pointing me to Cory. he accepted me into the group and gave me an offer on the awesome speakers I wanted...the offer was unbelievable! I saved a lot going through him. I just wanted to thank you. Gary
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