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  1. Hi Thanks both for your replies. The back of the couch is about 5+m from the back wall (open plan dining area behind couch)? So what do you think, do I need a rear? If so which? Also, I was also thinking of getting 2 x r115SW's but read a review from someone that said He'd bought 2 and it caused, I think it was "nodes" (areas where one sub cancels out the other) and He sent one back!!!! Sounds crazy to me - Do you guys know about this and can you guide me to the Armageddon of Home Theatre sound? it already sounds and looks awesome! 🙂 I look forward to hearing from you. Cheers - Rob
  2. Hi Scrappydue, Thanks for your advice. I hadn't considered towers. I have the Klipsch RP-280F's as fronts and the bottom woofer/driver is about 46cm from the floor. If I had them or maybe the 260F's or 250F's??? - as surrounds the bottom driver would face into the sofa! I was thinking of the RP-250S's as they would be at/and above listening point behind the sofa at each end (this is what the seller recommended). What do you thin? - ….and forget about a rear completely as am told would not need one with the 250S's! Your advice would be appreciated. Best regards - Rob
  3. Hi Everyone, I am building my first Klipsch home cinema kit. I used to have Bose Acoustimass 6.1 (a Surround back), I am still using the back and rear satellites - But they gotta go! I have new RP-280F for my fronts, the RP-450C obviously center and just got the Dolby Atmos RP-140SA's to sit on my front RP-280F's. I have a R-115SW on it's way. I am in a quandry as to what I replace my Bose surround and rear satellites with. My lounge is large (15m x 7m with angled/pitched ceilings and a lot of arches and stairs etc, ….acoustically awkward) with my living are at one end and dining area at the other, the sofa sits half way down with the rear of it facing the dining area, fron obviously facing TV etc. I was thinking of going foe the RP-250's to replace the surrounds and rear on stands at each end of my sofa, then thought what about getting a pair of RP-250's or 260's, then what about just the RP-160M's? Can anyone give me some advice as to what would sound best, do I need to get a new rear too? If so what? I am running it all from Denon AVR W6200X. Please let me know what you think. Looking forward to hearing from you. Cheers - Rob
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