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  1. I have had my Promedia 2.1's for several years now and the volume control developed the same issue others have reported. At low volume, the right speaker was much louder than the left and when turned all the way down the right speaker did not shut off. I read a couple of posts about this problem and finally decided to take the control pod apart and see what I could do. After detaching the pod from the speaker and opening it up the first thing I noticed was that wiggling around the volume pot made the issue clear up, but it would come back immediately. On a hunch, I broke out the soldering iron and went over the six solder points holding the pot to the board. Sure enough, this fixed the problem completely. Turns out is was as simple as "cold" solder joints. My volume control is now smooth, quiet and balanced. I suspect most of the issues with these control pods can be attributed to bad solder joints. So this is a relatively simple fix that took me about fifteen minutes, but please DO NOT attempt this unless you are familiar with basic soldering iron skills. 1. Detach control pod from speaker by pushing backwards. 2. Remove four screws holding the top cover onto the pod to expose the circuit board. 3. You can remove the two screws holding the circuit board in place and carefully remove the board from the plastic housing, but this is not strictly necessary. 4. Locate the six solder joints for the volume control pot. Touch your hot soldering iron to each point just until it melts, letting it solidify again. 5. Re-assemble and enjoy the tunes. Hope this helps someone out there. Saved me from ordering a new pod!
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