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  1. Todd

    Heresy HWL

    Thanks. I am going to become a mini wood expert. These just need a little TLC.
  2. Todd

    Heresy HWL

    I said PROBABLY going to keep. I didn't say they're not for sale. Someone may want them more than me. Thanks for the advice on the wood. I'm going to do a lot of research before I start. I have a friend that's a wood person and I will talk to him before I start.
  3. Todd

    Heresy HWL

    I mean the front black mesh is perfect. No cuts.
  4. Todd

    Heresy HWL

    Thanks for the advice. I would like to re-finish the wood someday. The fronts are perfect and I want the rest to look the same. Again Thanks.
  5. Todd

    Heresy HWL

    I haven't heard that sound since college, I got out in '83. Listening to them, does take me back. Luckily I live in a quiet neighborhood or I might turn them up.
  6. Todd

    Heresy HWL

    Here are some pics of the front.
  7. Todd

    Heresy HWL

    Thanks, I will probably keep them. They sound great and 84 was a pretty good year.
  8. Todd

    Heresy HWL

    I just inherited two Klipsch Heresy HWL serial # 8444004, inspected by Robert Wyatt. I know HWL stands for Heresy Walnut Lacquer, but I would really like to know the date they were made and the value. They sound great with my inherited Kenwood stereo receiver model KR-9400. Both old school, maybe 70's. The wood is a little scratched but has been stored indoors. I might keep or might sell. I can post a pic if anyone is interested. Thanks.
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