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  1. oh. is it? Can you please provide the new model nos for RP 260F, RP 450C, RP 240s, R 115SW
  2. Hi - Is the New Reference Premiere 2018 upgraded model comes with same model no? I am looking for RP 260F, RP 450C, RP 240s, R 115SW Please let me know.
  3. Hi All, I am planning to book Klipsch RP 5.1.2 home theater systems which has 1. RP 260F - Left and Right 2. RP 440C - Center 3. RP 240S - Sorrounds 4. R 112 SW - Sub 5. DS 160CDT - ceiling 6. Marantz SR 6012 I have attached the pic of the living room(which is on first floor), What do you think about the config for the room? There are couple of challenges in this room, looking for some inputs please; 1. The problem is the placement of surround speakers, esp left surround speaker. There is no wall on the left side of the living room but on the right, I have wall to keep the R-surround. 2. Since there is no wall on the left side, I am planning to use curtains because I don't like to close it out with sliding doors. I am not sure whether it reduce the sound level. Please help.
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