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  1. Ok thankyou.. the sound of chorus 2 is just amazing
  2. I would like change all crossover not only capacitor. Is the same?
  3. Hello. I would like to change all the original crossover and put those of crites. I would like a modern sound. Do you think it is okay? how do they sound with bob crites crossover? I have already changed tweeters and capacitors but I would like a modern sound
  4. Non capisco. ieri ho ricevuto il kit di riparazione creato. pensi che sia difficile cambiare i condensatori?
  5. Ok. which amplifier you are talking about. chorus 2 and rotel rhb 10 are great, spectacular sound. I'm only afraid of ruining the chorus with so much power.
  6. I who have the rotel rhb 10 with 250 watts rms can break?
  7. Goodmorning everyone. how many continuous watts does the chorus 2 endure?
  8. ok but I want to have a great sound. with a unit like denon AVR-X2600H I don't think I have a great sound. if anyone has these types of amps come forward.
  9. yes, exactly, I would like to know which units will be excellent for both cinema and music. price for the used unit 2000 euros. the unit will sound good with chorus 2 Thank you
  10. I would like to remove the rotel and take something more modern. for now i only have 2 klipsch chorus 2, i will buy sub, rear and central klipsch
  11. No,it is doesn't. It is a 2 channels
  12. good evening to all folks. I bought the crites kit, they are traveling. I am a good welder, will I be able to do it? do you recommend a 5.1,7.1 amplifier that is great for klipsch? i have the rotel rhb10 is perfect but i would like to make a surround system with them. tips? thank you
  13. ok, ok ..... I let the klipsch play at high volume for several hours. everything's okay now. spectacular sound. I'm very happy with these speakers
  14. oh scusa .... tweeter, woofer, a metà, funzionano bene. ma il suono è scuro, vecchio, non aperto e vivo come prima the klipsch are 30 cm from the wall.
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