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  1. ok, ok ..... I let the klipsch play at high volume for several hours. everything's okay now. spectacular sound. I'm very happy with these speakers
  2. oh scusa .... tweeter, woofer, a metà, funzionano bene. ma il suono è scuro, vecchio, non aperto e vivo come prima the klipsch are 30 cm from the wall.
  3. I turned on after 1 month, the klipsch chorus 2. the sound was closed, why? old crossover or is it just idle?
  4. how did you place the speakers? I attached them to the wall
  5. Wow... We have a same hi-fi...
  6. Hello, i had buy the rotel rhb10 and rhc10. It is a very beautiful sound with klipsch. the sound is amazing. all the room dancing. I am very happy
  7. great .. thanks on the crites site are selling new crossovers, larger than the originals, are those you speak of? or do you say to change only the capacitors and cap? ps now I will not change anything, but I want to understand .. Thankyou
  8. I'm sorry. I do not understand. better a bob-designed crossover or an update of the old crossover?
  9. ok, so tweeter and crossover? but original crossovers or those modified by bob?
  10. so tweeter and crossover have you changed? what differences did you hear? for now I am 100% satisfied, but they are 30 year old speakers and will need an update. do not you believe? thank you
  11. explain to me what the bob crites changes are?
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