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  1. Thanks for the help and the PM's! That knowledge helped me stick to my guns when people wanted to barter too much. I ended up having 2-3 fairly serious local buyers lined up. The guy who ended up buying them put down a $40 hold deposit the first day and came back and bought them the second day. He was very excited and so was I, so win-win! The way he talked, he seemed to know quite a bit about HiFi stuff, so I'm sure it wasn't a case of naive buyer or anything. I'm convinced that it's all about taking good pictures... Also, people don't give Nebraska markets enough credit! Anyway, thanks for the help! Jake
  2. I just sold them locally for $1,800, so... The guy was absolutely thrilled as well! (He just messaged me and said they “peeled the paint off his walls”) Thanks though Jake
  3. Since I'm new to HiFi stuff, all I have to formulate my asking price is what was originally paid for them. Do you have an idea of a fair asking price? Thanks
  4. Hello! I live in Lincoln, NE and am selling a pair of 1997 La Scala's. The Original Birch Raw finish has slight bumps and nicks, but is in very good condition. These have sat in the previous owners residence since they were bought new in 1997 and the previous owner did not have kids or a dog, so the grills are in amazing shape. HERE IS A LINK TO MORE PHOTOS: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1BkeJtMdUcS7_psS19kfyZOwBgRIFxFo3 Made by Klipsch, Inc in Hope, Arkansas USAModel Number: LS BIR RAW 17Serial Numbers are consecutive: 107796507 & 107796508 Crossovers: TYPE AL-3Horns: K-55-MThese were given to me because of my pro-audio interest, but I'm new to the high end HiFi scene. The original owner paid approx $5,000 for the pair in 1997 and kept them in amazing condition over the years. I submitted a ticket to Klipsch to find out the origin and retail price and what Klipsch told me matches what the original owner remembered about their value, adjust for inflation and slight wear. I'm open to offers, no low-ballers! Local pickup and cash payment in Lincoln, NE. If you want them shipped, we'll have to work out a deal for that. Send me a message and make me an offer!
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