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  1. Hi all I had a cable RCA with 2 ends on both sides( So I was using only white one LFE on the sub to my pre out subwofer 1 black connector), today my 1 to 1 RCA calble arrived. I want to check if I have it properly connected: its connected from the back of the SUB in LFE exit to the marantz sub 1 entry. Then at the back of the Klipsch R-112SW I have the crossover to LFE, phase to 0º, power to auto and gain at 40/45 %. At the receiver bass options is LPF for LFE at 120hz. Crossover individual for all at 80hz. Thats correct?
  2. @IndyKlipschFan Ive tried the 80hz on all channels and I set the speakers to SMALL. I love how the central behaves in movies . Still im waiting to have some holidays and watch more hours of content. The few things I watched sounded great! I still need to check some scenes that have bass to determine if they sound tight. I watched a youtube channel were guy uses the audyssey to set the sub at 85 db and then lowers it from the AV to -11DB saying this will give more dynamism... can some one expand in this topic.... did someone test something similar? I have some days off by the end of the week I will report back.... going to watch Infinity wars, dead pool 2, dunkirk and Justice league... recommendation of movies to watch accepted
  3. Thats some detail there!!!! @garyrc I will definitely read the Audyssey FAQ and I will start by leavind the already reported audyssey values set in the AVR and raise up the gain in the sub from behind and check Thanks for the reply I will post back in a couple of days
  4. I will try this out, thanks for the reply and I will come back in some days with feedback :)
  5. Hi there I have a Marantz SR-7010 receiver and I added the following speakers: Floor standing Klipsch RP-280f Center Klipsch Rp-450c Subwoofer Klipsch R-112SW I run the marantz audyssey setup and then went manually to touch the central speaker and raise it up 5db more. Im quite happy with the movie dialogs they sound crystal clear but I need to still tweak the subwoofer a little more. I want a more tight punch. My speakers are set to small and the crossovers are: Rp-280f says fullband central 40hz and then in the sub config its LFE 120hz (at the back of the sub I have the auto OFF, phase to 0 and gain around 3/4db. that according to audyssey its 75db) Any hint in how to configure correclty this set up for a tighter punch. Room size is 20 square meters approx. If you need any other detail let me know, thanks a lot
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