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  1. I currently have 4 Polk Audio RC-80i's My few questions are? The room I am installing them in is 12 ft wide 7 1/2 ft tall and 19 ft length. To run a 5.1.4 or a 7.1.4 with a 85 inch Sony 4k TV and seating only for 3 will this be adequate room to put these 4 speakers in for proper placement for Atmos? Second question is will the Polks suffice for Atmos or do I need to run something else like Klipsch CDT-5800s or PRO-180s Any advice or guidance greatly appreciated.
  2. I have heard about the issues with leather. My main concern is that the seats having all the electric motors that eventually there would be issues with a motor going bad. I have already tested this with a motorized adjustable bed. Do not want to deal with that. Thanks for the input and i will check out the RowOne line and see what they offer.
  3. Was looking for input on home theatre seating. I am going to run 2 rows of 3 curved if possible. Was wanting your opinions as with quality, comfort and reliability of what you have had or still have the pros and cons of manufacture or make and model recommendations. I have been browsing and so far i the best i have seen and liked is the Valencia Tuscany. Input, thoughts and advice would be greatly appreciated in me making probably the most expensive purchase for this build.
  4. Thanks for the confirmation on this amp. Now I got to hope accessoriesforless still has one available
  5. Getting ready to purchase a Pioneer Elite SC-LX901 11.2 channel receiver from accessoriesforless. Its what the person that worked there recommended. Would this receiver be a good choice to go with the following. Or if there is a better choice please let me know. Left and Right Klipsch RP-280F Center Klipsch RP-450C Sub Klipsch R-112SW Surrounds Klipsch RP-250S Backs Klipsch RP-160M Atmos x4 Ceiling Polk Audio RC80i
  6. Well my whole ground up dedicated theatre room plans were cancelled due to the amount of time I will be living here. ( Wife and I plan on moving to The Smokey Mountains when I retire here in 6 years ) Plus the impact on the aesthetics of the back of the house and the impact on resale verses investment was going to be a big time loss to us. Then I decided to do the home theatre thing in the front family room and it turned into a lengthy discussion ( almost a full blown argument with the wife over what could go where and how things would look ) So I threw in the towel and have decided to do the theatre room down in the basement. Here is the size of the room in the basement. 12 ft width 14 ft 7 length and 7 ft 3 height. Just purchased my front stage and sub from a fellow member on here ( S2WHEELS ) thanks for the great deal. 2 Klipsch RP-280F Left and Right Klipsch RP-450C Center 1 Klipsch R-112SW Subwoofer What would be the best sides and rears that would work best with what i currently own and the size of the room I have? Give the 7 ft 3 inch ceiling height would it be better to run ceiling speakers? and if so what size and series and how many 2 or 4? Or would it be better to run the elevation speakers? Any input, advice, guidance or direction would be greatly appreciated. David
  7. Well I just got back from a 430 mile round trip the other day and thanks to a fellow member on here ( S2WHEELS ) I am now the proud owner of a pair of RP-280Fs, RP-450C and a R-112SW. So now I have my front stage and it's time to work on what Klipsch sides rears and ceiling speakers I will run.
  8. Guy recommended a RC-64 III with RP-280s for front stage he said that i could spend the money saved over RF-7 IIIs for a good sub or two. He only stated this if I was going to a dedicated home theatre only.
  9. No on the music listening I have a dedicated Infinity Renaissance 80s that I will use for that.
  10. When talking to the Klipsch representative he suggested since i will be running 1 or 2 subs of very good quality that i could get by with the Rp-280Fs. Keep in mind i willl still be running the RC-64 III center channelreguardless of which left and right fronts i run. He stated that there would be no conflict for home theatre when running the front sound stage. If i was to go with the RC-64 center and 2 RP-280s I would save enough in costs to buy a second subwoofer. But if this is not the way to go i will run the RF-7 IIIs and then just stay with one nice subwoofer now. Any advice and guidance would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Okay been busy driving to Cincinnati and to Columbus to listen to Klipsch speakers for home theatre only to discover that Best Buy's Magnolia stores all 3 that i went to do not have any set up in the demo rooms. What a waist of my time. Just spoke to a sales rep for Klipsch and the question i have is concerning the front sound stage and choice of subwoofers. It was recommended that i run a pair of RP-280F and a RC-64C as my front stage. My sprayers will be 2 RP-250 Back back wall will be 2 RP-160M Ceiling will be 4 CDT 5800-C11 As for subs I am still trying to choose between a pair of RP-115SW or pair of SVS PB-16 Ultras or a pair of Power Sound Audio V-3611 or S3611 or 1 S7201 What would be the best subwoofers or setup and would it be a better setup to go for the RP-280Fs over the RF-7IIIs that way i can dedicate more money to 2 subs instead of spending the xtra money for the RF-7 IIIs. Is this a smart move or should I go with the RF-7 IIIs?
  12. I have been watching a lot of your videos and I have been Subscribed to your channel since spring of this year. 150 inch fixed screen is whats on my list. Still reading learning and watching lol.
  13. Liftenw8ts


    Hello everyone, Newbie here to the forums. Been reading on here for the past few weeks and decided to register today. I finally convinced the wife to let me enclose our back porch to build a dedicated home theatre for the ultimate movie experience. The size i have to work with is 15 ft 2 inches width 25ft 4 inches length and 9ft 2 inches in height. The floor is concrete and there will be no windows. My plans are to build this with HT as to only use. I have not purchased anything yet as I am still reading and learning about home theatre speakers, and sizes and placements. Trying not to get the cart before the horse lol. As for budget goes I don't really have one, I have a side job slash hobby that i will dedicate half of my profits to doing this build over the next 3 years or until its finished. What I do know is that i want an awesome experience, one you can feel and make you a part of the experience , especially when watching a movie, one that makes you feel like you are immersed within the movie. I really like special effects action and military movies. Well i have rattled on long enough now I still have a lot more reading to do on here before I start asking some questions and looking for advice and guidance on material selection; screen size; speaker selection etc.
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