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  1. I have the cabinet behind the recliners. I would of liked to have it outside the room but it would require taking up more space and the wife was only prepared to “Sacrifice” so much space. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Its not entirely finished yet and is very much dual purpose and with that in mind I had to build it around the restrictions I had. It's 14X21 with 8 foot drop ceiling. Living on the frozen planet of Hoth (A.K.A. Canada) we typically only use this for Movies in the winter and the sun sets about 5pm so not having window coverings is not an issue. Equipment Avr Denon 4400 Bluray Panasonic ub400 ac Infinity s8 cooling unit apple tv 4K for streaming technics sl 1300 Optoma UHD51alv 120" silverticket screen Klipsch RP-8000 RP-450c RP-250s R-12sw x 2 CDT-5650 Cii x 4 I will eventually get a amp to power the front stage as the Denon has to work to push all 9 speakers when I decide to crank up a movie. Can a Mod please move this to the Show your Theater room Thread I posted in the wrong spot sorry.
  3. I'm currently mid point in a HT room build and I have run into problem and I'm hoping some members who have similar issues can steer me in the proper direction. The basement is framed and all the lighting and in wall wiring has been run, and we are starting drywall next week. I attached a rough layout of the seating and speaker locations, what has me second thinking myself is the side surround placement and or seating placement. For the side surrounds to go beside the MLP I have a door way on the left and a small 1 foot jut out of the room to the right. I'm using Klipsch rp-250s surrounds and fear if I place the RS speaker where it needs to be I will lose 1/2 the effect or more due to it being 6 inches from a small corner. For the left I would have to stagger it slightly behind the MLP. My wife feels moving the MLP forward of the door would be to close to the TV ( 75" ) and I plan to do an Atmos setup next fall and I think looking at Dolbys speaker layouts for Atmos the ceiling speaks would be to crowded. I could build a false wall where the foundation juts out and fill that space to install the R surround but that does not solve the L surround/door issue. I had no choice to place to door where I did due to tec posts supporting the beam in the basement. The black circles are my original thought for side surrounds I also have 2 subs and rear surrounds I need to locate I did not put in the layout but those are small issues.
  4. So the dealers in town here do not have a pair of each to test side by side, the 280's are at a great discounted price vs the new RP 8000 I'm going to be using them primarily for HT use, So I'm hoping for a few honest opinions before all the 280's are sold and my choice is made for me. in case its relevant I'm pushing these with a Denon 4400. Thanks for any and all opinions.
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