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  1. aham23

    AWR-650 Wiring Help

    So basically connect the red/white and green/black from each AWR-650 then to my red/black speaker wire to the Connect AMP? Thank you.
  2. aham23

    AWR-650 Wiring Help

    Easy peasy. Is running them this way, single channel, fine sound wise? Or should I pick up some 4 wire speaker cable and run them that way to the Sonos. That is the part I am unsure about still.
  3. aham23

    AWR-650 Wiring Help

    I am setting two of these up around our pool. I am using a Sonos Connect Amp to power them, but confused on how to wire them to the amp; single channel or dual channel? If dual channel I am not understanding how the wires connect to the amp. I purchased only 2 wire speaker cable for the install to the amp which I think is my main issue. Not sure. Much thanks all!