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  1. Great weekend with the Forte II’s. I feel like I saved $2500 from buying new. Not saying that wouldn’t have been an incredible investment based on my past experience. How would you spend that money?
  2. Update. So I held off not being sure. I was on the lookout for used and finally came across a set of Forte II on Craigslist. The owner said they were original condition and mint. I told him I would pay the asking price of $650 if they were in excellent condition. I went to go audition them and they were as mint as the show room floor and hardly even used. Got them home and WOW. Next step new crossover and titanium tweeters.
  3. Yamaha R-S700 - a great value at 100w per channel but could be used as a pre amp Yamaha CD-S300 technics SL1200mk1 with Nagaoka MP110 - currently down with torque issues technics SL-1300 with Technics AT440lb Schiit Mani phone pre amp i like classic rock, jazz rock fusion and some classical jazz. Into some Bill Evans trio now
  4. Would love the Cornwall’s but space issues would overwhelm the room on a 12ft wall x 18ft deep
  5. New to the community but a original owner of KG4’s for 32 years. Of all the purchases I have made those speakers are by far the best and still bring me joy today. I did put new Bob Crites crossovers and titanium diaphragms in a couple years ago which did liven then back up. I have offen though of upgrading and the new Forte III would seem to fit the bill for size. My question is how much better will the Forte III sound over my KG4’s. The closest dealer is over 2 hours away. Which of the following would be your response in comparison . 1. Wow that’s incredible 2. OK that’s nice. 3. hmmmm maybe I should have just purchased a new amp.
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