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  1. I have an RSB-3 where the bluetooth works flawlessly. I saw where Klipsch was closing out the R-10B and thought I would upgrade. There were no more left through Klipsch so I ordered through Crutchfield. Received and the digital connection to the TV works fine as does the sub. When I attempted to connect my iPhone SE via bluetooth it paired but soon began cutting out and eventually became unintelligible. Crutchfield took the original back with no questions and send another. While not as bad as the first, it also cuts out. The phone is no farther than 10 feet from the bar. I've checked the technical knowledgebase and find no updates or other information. I see where others were having the same or similar problem so Klipsch has to be aware of the problem. I have two reference series earbuds (4/6), the RSB-3, and now the R-10B. This is the first time I've experienced any problems with any Klipsch product. If there is a flaw users would be ecstatic to get a firmware update or get credit towards upgrade to a newer RSB model if the problem can't be fixed.
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