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  1. Well thanks to both of you for the answer, so the limitations I encountered seem to be indeed true limitations. I find it surprising that this is not possible though since the powergate was supposed to be a hub for Play-Fi systems, I was expecting that it could handle and manage configuration by itself, without the need to set it up each time by phone (or at least to reactivate it). Anyway, now I know thanks to your answer, I am disappointed for this lack of feature, because audio-wise, the quality of those devices was really good, especially for speakers of this size.
  2. Thanks a lot for your answer. In my case, this setup made sense because I want to integrate this with a video projector. In this situation, I will have my video projector at the rear of my living room, with the powergate and the subwoofer closeby. This will allow me not to drag wires from the back-located powergate to the front RW1 speakers. So according to what I tried and what you are saying, maybe indeed this is not possible. If not I guess I will return the RW1 and buy passive speakers as suggested. But then I do not see the point to have a 'connected' amplifier since I need a phone to stream Spotify and what I need would just be any BT receiver on a 'regular amp'. Maybe would be useful to stream some NAS stored content. Anyway, thank you, I will investigate a bit more to try this setup even if it seems not to be possible.
  3. Hi all, First of all, I apologize for my English, it is not my native language. Nonetheless, I just bought a powergate with 2 RW1 and a Jamo810 sub in order to make a 2.1 wireless setup. I tried to play with it, everything is running smoothly for the wifi setup, music is being played stereo ... BUT I can't manage to find a way to stream from my powergate to the RW1s without the phone. To clarify, the workflow I'd like to implement is the following : [AUX | PHONO | BT ... ] --> Powergate --> RW1 And so far, this is not working, I need to control all this with my phone and setup a 'line in' zone on the powergate. I wanted to know if I understood properly and this is indeed not possible, or if I am missing something. Thanks a lot in advance Frankois
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