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    Early KG-4's Sensitivity

    Interesting thanks. Yeah as mentioned that is a huge difference in sensitivity on the log scale. This should also mean that my pair can take the power of my Adcom 5400 more so than the 6ohm / 94db versions that are mostly prevalent and discussed.
  2. taynos

    Early KG-4's Sensitivity

    Thanks for the welcome! I have and Adcom 5400 that powers my AR-3a's, I want to hook it up to the KG-4s to see what more power can do for them. As for the sensitivity rating, are you suggesting that the earlier versions Max2 and I have are actually 94db but misbadged? I've read about the 4ohm / 6 ohm stuff being marketing ploy in the mid 80's. But nothing on the variance of sensitivity of these early KG-4s
  3. taynos

    Early KG-4's Sensitivity

    I got mine about 5 years ago for around 250 minty. Black cabs absolutely love them. As noted here and in other forums they need proper amplification for 2CH stereo for sure. I had them temporarily into a HT denon receiver until I could hook up my Marantz 2230. Night and day difference. One of these I will get a tube amp for them. The bass def needs proper placement, upper midrange and top end very dynamic. Def incredible value for budget audiophile.
  4. taynos

    Early KG-4's Sensitivity

    Thanks. So much info out there on them having a sensitivity of 94dB @ 1watt/1meter And ours say 91. That's quite a huge difference in speaker sensitivity on a logarithmic scale.
  5. Just pulled out my Black KG-4s out of storage to build out a second system and have some various amplification options. Was always under the assumption these were 6ohm and rated 93/94 db sensitivity, but the type on the back near the speaker inserts says 91db and 4 ohms. Appear to be early models made in 1984. I have read elsewhere that the 6ohm/4ohm discrepancy was merely marketing stuff in the mid 80's. My question is, are these early model KG-4s less sensitive then the of majority KG-4s out there? Thanks in advance.